Business Review

(The flagship journal of St. Joseph's Institute of Management)

Submission Guidelines

To submit a manuscript, first make sure you have a Word file from which the title page and all author-identifying references have been removed.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines
In order to facilitate processing of submissions, please make sure that:
1. Your entire submission (including references) is double-spaced in 12-point or larger font with margins of one inch or more.
2. Your abstract is 200 words or less.
3. Your submission contains few and only necessary footnotes (not endnotes).
4. There is nothing in your file that identifies the authors.
5. Any hypotheses are explicitly identified as such.
6. Constructs and variables are identified in words, not abbreviations.
7. Any prior publication of the data featured in the manuscript is explicitly acknowledged in the manuscript.
8. All headings, references and citations should follow the format of the Academy of Management Journal (
9. To ensure author anonymity, manuscript "properties" (under FILE in Microsoft Word) should be erased prior to submission.

Guidelines for submitting figures/images:
1. Make sure you use uniform lettering and sizing of your original artwork.
2. Number the illustrations according to their sequence in the text.
3. Tables and figures should be placed at the end of the manuscript, with placement instructions between paragraphs within the body text to indicate where
    these items would go (e.g., "Insert Table 1 Here”). For more details on the formatting of tables and figures, please refer to the style guide of the Academy
    of Management Journal (

Guidelines for figures/images after Acceptance
1. Images should be submitted at a minimum of 300 dpi.
2. We only publish images in black and white.