Verve is SJIM’s National Level Business Management Fest which is an opportunity for the diaspora of students across various management colleges to participate and exhibit their business potential.

Spread over two days, Verve intends to give you an experience synonymous with its name. With events ranging from the most sought after – Best Manager to the domain specific Finance, Human Resource, Operations and Marketing as well as trending areas of entrepreneurship, business quiz and photography.

Details of the Coordinators:

Faculty Coordinator Dr. S. Maria Immanuve 9487629563
Student Coordinator Indrajeet Deka 8339073315
Finance Michael 9980955299
Hrishik 9445722626
Hazel 8884511822
Marketing Abhi/gna 7022386937
Ruble 7000845773
Human Resource Sera Jayan 9731532434
Aishwarya 9473279500
Operations Sriram 8105231429
Judy 9632543345
B-Quiz Ashmitha Ganesh 9731834990
Vishnu K Babu 9495397422
Shalini Das 8637325315
E-Cell Kavya 9611234647
Athulya 8921964986
Photography Lonala 9945564429
Elton 8147929744
Best Manager Chandralekha 9686391495
Rachita 9620596408

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Human Resource





Best Manager