“Let’s Verve It”
SJIM hosted its two-day national level business management fest - Verve 2022 with the inauguration on 11 March 2022. The chief guest for the inauguration was Mr. Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash who holds the title of “Fastest Human Calculator”. Mr. Bhanu shared three important aspects to give at-most importance in life – Use your passion to bring a positive impact or change in the society; use criticism as fuel to becoming a better individual and lastly count your blessings and always be grateful for every phase of life. His seamless speech and remarkable talent truly astonished the audience.

Verve is a flagship inter-collegiate fest and is purely a student driven event with the young & creative minds coming together to design events & situations that would test & mould individuals into future leaders.

This 2022, Verve themed as “Bharatvarsha - Rise of The Fallen Cities” which aimed to inspire contestants to reflect on the truly magnificent and thriving cities that are part of India’s history, as well as to learn how to apply their core values into their ideas. For the same reason, each of the 12 domains were associated with an ancient city, namely: Taxila - Finance, Pataliputra - Marketing, Magadha - Human Resource, Mohenjo-Daro - Operations, Nalanda - B-Quiz, Varanasi - E-Cell, Vrindavan - Photography, Panipat - Best Manager, Gandhara - Creative Productions, Hampi - CSR, Rakhigarhi - Corporate Sustainability & Shravasti - Business Analytics.

Verve 2022 witnessed a total of 151 registrations from over 50 colleges across India which meant plenty of fun & competition scheduled for two days. As the domains kicked off their events, both participants and organizers knew that were about to have one of the best opportunities to learn and become more than they currently are. SJIM awarded existing prizes up to INR 100,000 to the winners across all the domains.