SJIM Pinnacle 2019 held on 13th of July 2019

Our annual Intra collegiate student management fest, Pinnacle was held on 13th July 2019. The event was managed and coordinated by students of II year steered by Mr Jopaul Roy,the event coordinator. The various events pertaining to all the management domains, viz; finance,HR,marketing,operations,quiz,best manager, entrepreneurship & creative productions were scheduled during the week and culminated in the finale on Saturday, the 13thof July 2019. The chief guest for the event was Mr. Anubhav Dutta, an alumni and working with Decathlon sports, The dignitaries on the dais for the valedictory were our Director Dr Manoj D’Souza, our chief guest, Mr Anubhav Dutta, Prof V J Lawrence, the faculty coordinator and Mr Jopaul Roy,the student coordinator of Pinnacle event.

The winners were distributed with the prizes. Mr Anubhav shared his experiences about the traits required to succeed in the industry. Director Dr Manoj D’Souza spoke about the relevance of team spirit and camaraderie in the entire event. Prof Lawrence entailed about the learnings that students should take away from such events. Jopaul Roy summarized the event and proposed the vote of thanks. Ms B V Vimarsha from II year gave a total overview of the entire event towards the end.

Our annual Intra collegiate student management fest, Pinnacle was held on 13th July Pinnacle, the intra-collegiate professional grade fest serves as a stepping stone into the world of Business Management. Events are spread across all the major domains and require an application of theoretical learning from the participants. Pinnacle has been a legacy of St. Joseph’s Institute of Management since many years. The events under each domain are spread over a week and are scheduled in a manner that helps the participants understand the importance of time management, team work, work-life balance, in addition to the values of punctuality, discipline and integrity. The judges for each of these rounds are external, industry experts and noted alumni of the Institution who provide valuable insights and teachings to the participants.