The week long management fest ‘Pinnacle’ was conducted in SJIM from 21st to 25th of September. The event started with great enthusiasm for both seniors and juniors: for seniors it was great new experience to conduct this offline as last year they couldn’t join on campus, for juniors it was a brand new excitement to audience this for the first time. The event took off with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest and delighting the aura with the melodious song “Here I am to worship” by the college choir.

Our Director Rev. Dr. Manoj D’Souza enlightened the day with great lessons taught to us by the ongoing pandemic. He stressed upon the 3Cs- Care, Compassion and Courage. Our Dean, Dr. Rajagopalan spoke about the importance of the date ‘21’, which signifies 21 guns salute, 21 acts of rebellion by the Israelites, birthday of the famous writers Eg: H.G. Wells and the list went on with other significances of the date, stressing more on the importance of technology in the field of transformation.

The chief guest of the day, Mr. Ravi Patwari gave us a tremendous communicative speech on the importance of having a goal in life. Taking great examples from Lord Shiva to maintain a balanced life with the people around you and the kind of people we will have in our life categorised metaphorically to the 4 types of cards in a deck. And last but not the least to believe in your profession. The valedictory function of ‘Pinnacle’ was conducted on 25th Sept 2021. The guest of honour was Mr. Naveen Tom Alex who shared his experience of Pinnacle and what Pinnacle meant to him and the chief guest for the day was Mr. Piyush Pushkal who spoke about importance of team work. The fest concluded with the cultural dance and the declaration of results.