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Marketing Conclave

The Marketing Conclave 2022 was conducted on 29th October, Saturday. The conclave's theme for the year 2022 was “Marketing 5.0 Challenges and Opportunities''. Three leading industry figures were invited to share their perspectives on the same.

The event began with the dignitaries lighting the lamp accompanied by a harmonious prayer song by the college choir. The Dean, Dr. A. R. Rajagopalan addressed the gathering & extended the guest speakers a warm welcome.

Mr. Vishvanathan Sambasivam, Executive Director at NeilsenIQ expressed his views on the future of marketing, the factors shaping consumer expectations & behavior as well as the tech tsunami phenomenon. Ms. Jyothi Noronha CEO & Co-Founder of NeeliTechprovided her perspective on the nuances of Robotic Process Automation in Retail, Sales and Marketing. To conclude, Mr. Sanju P, Brand Strategist at Whitespace Brand Consulting shared his vision with respect to consumer behavioral impacts on the future of marketing. Students also got the opportunity to interact & further enhance their understanding through the question-and-answer session in which Ms. Shalini Suresh, the Chief Marketing Officer at NeeliTech also shared her thoughts on marketing of tech-based services. The Student Coordinator of the Marketing Club, Mr.Karthik concluded the event by proposing the vote of thanks.

E- Cell and Marketing Conclave 2022

"Marketing in the New Age- An Entrepreneur's Perspective"
With the world smitten by the pandemic, not just people, but their businesses suffered as well. SJIM learned to live and operate in a virtual world, something that was previously unheard of. The marketing conclave held on 12th Jan 2022 highlighted how entrepreneurs sustain and innovate to make best use of their resources, and to market themselves and their businesses. The speakers included, Mr. Sarthak Goyal who spoke about why one should not be afraid to hire or work with someone smarter than you. Mr. Rohit Saju (II PGDM Students at SJIM) and the Director at Tropicana World Trade Pvt Ltd commented that “It’s very risky out there, but once you catch a cold of the good tide, there is no going back!”.

The marketing conclave also had Panel discussion. The panelists included industry delegates: Mr. Jagath Iyer, Mr. Ravi Prabhakar, Mr. Karthik Ponnapa, and Mr. Ankush Sabarwal. Each panelist was asked for their initial response to the topic ‘Entrepreneurship is not invention but innovation’ where they could do either for or even against the topic giving examples of their own business innovations and the discussion ended with a rapid fire round.

The final event in the conclave was “THE FIRST PITCH”- an intra-collegiate B-Plan Competition. Participants submitted pitch deck of business ideas and that was evaluated by 3 judges and top 4 plans were chosen. The 4 final teams were again by the panel of judges, who were industrial delegates.

Winners- Team Prometheus (Akhil B Joseph, Vaani Parameshwaran and Anakha Dinesan (I PGDM)).
First runners’ up- Team Sustainables B (Priscilla and Meghaben (I PGDM))
Second runners’ up- Team Bandits (Tejaswini D and Nikhil J (II PGDM))

SJIM Marketing conclave held on 23rd August, 2019

The SJIM marketing conclave, an annual event to keep the students abreast with the latest trends in marketing, is held every year. The event is marked by an interaction with industry experts in marketing. Year 2019 was no different. This year’s conclave revolved around the theme “emerging trends in marketing”. The conclave took off on a positive note and attracted participation from industry stalwarts, representing companies like Wipro, Nielsen, Diageo marketing and Lymbyc MuSigma.

We had Mr. Ajit Rao from Lymbyc MuSigma, Ms. Geeta Iyer from Diageo marketing, Ms. Sunila Benjamin from Nielsen and Mr. Prashob from Wipro, representing the industry. The dean, Prof. Narasimhan, welcomes the speakers to the August event. The welcome address and the choir was followed by two-hour long event, where the speakers shared their viewpoint on the emerging trends in marketing. Their speeches were followed by a panel discussion, presided over by Dr. Avil Saldanha, Professor of Marketing, SJIM.

While Mr. Ajit Rao explained how brands are going to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction, often making losses in the process, he highlighted the design thinking approach to branding and therefore, marketing. Ms. Geeta Iyer spoke about the use of audio and visual files in marketing, and how marketers are keen to enhance customer experience through the use of audio-visual devices. These trends engaged the customer to an unprecedented degree, and in that process, included the digitally excluded sections, who could not read or write English. Ms. Sunila Benjamin spoke about using neuro-marketing in advertising, wherein marketers studied the neural stimuli in the brain, in response to the campaign, to understand what the customer likes and dislikes. Mr. Prashob shared his experiences in Wirpo, where he discussed digital platforms used for intra-organizational communication in Wipro.

The speeches were followed by an interactive panel discussion, wherein the guests shared their views on a variety of topics like data privacy in marketing, recruiters’ perspective with regard to fresh hires in marketing jobs. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms. Nimmi Chacko, student coordinator for the conclave.

Marketing Conclave 2018

The Marketing Conclave was organized by the Marketing Club on 23rd Aug, 2018. The Conclave began at 03:00pm. The conclave started off with the lighting of the lamp. Director Fr. Manoj D’Souza addressed the gathering on the importance of Conclaves in bridging the gap between Academics and the Industry. The topic for the Conclave “Internet of Marketing” was then unveiled. The Conclave was divided into 3 sessions- Speakers Presentation, Q & A Session and the Panel Discussion.

The Distinguished speakers for the day were Ms. Prativa S (Digital Marketing Manager at Eureka Forbes Good Health ) and Mr. Suraj Jose (Lead- National Accounts Management, Ms. Prativa enlightened the students on some concepts like Digital native and how Customer Advocacy plays an important role in influencing the purchase decision of people. Gone are the days, where celebrities can easily influence the potential customers. She also added on to say that Digital technology has blurred the line between online and offline life. Positioning and Segmentation plays a significant role in identifying the customers. Ms. Prativa spoke about the Mantra of IOM (Internet of Marketing) to be Product relevance; Individualization/ Personalization; Communication at Point of Sales (POS) and Conversion rates & ROI. She added on to say, “Internet of Marketing is incomplete without understanding Data Privacy”.
It was a very interactive session with videos played in this context. The forum was then open for questions.

The next speaker for the day, Mr. Suraj Jose narrated a story and got the students attentively listening to him. He bought in the facts of the Internet Penetration Rate with respect to India. According to him, the transition to mobile/tablet based applications have slowly changed the whole picture of marketing. Moreover, the trend of Aggregation is building up and has changed the rules of marketing. He focused on the current trends in the Food Industry because of his line of experience in that field. Concepts like “Dark Kitchen” and the functioning of Food Aggregators (like Swiggy and Zomato) were discussed. Mr. Suraj also added on about the expected innovations in this industry like Surge Pricing, Swiggy dash, Exclusivity etc. The forum was then open for questions.

The next session of the conclave was the Panel Discussion. The moderators for the Panel Discussion were AtulDev (2 PGDM) and Sheeba (2 PGDM). The 8 panelists were Sanobar K. (2 PGDM), Shweta M. (2 PGDM), Dr. Keshini S. (2 PGDM), Pankaj S. (2 PGDM), Vimarsha (1 PGDM), Alvin L.(1 PGDM), Neil J. (1 PGDM) and Arpan (1 PGDM). The discussion enlightened on the Potential of IOT in marketing and discussed the various use cases.

In a field that changes rapidly, every day is a fresh start. The Marketing Club was formed on the very same notion - to innovate at every turn. This is the goal that the Marketing Club strives to reach. The mission reads, “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome.” The Club logo is based on the idea that a colourful world is always preferred to a dull grey world. Therefore, the logo of this club comprises of the colours, red, blue, green, yellow and black. They connote the merging of variety that forms creative art in unity. This logo immortalizes the beginning of new ventures for the Marketing Club.

The club lines up events for the entire year which are aimed to deliver marketing concepts, theories, principles and content relevant to the current business environment. Through guest lectures and conclaves, the Club aims to develop innovative solutions in the minds of the students to tackle customer problems while also continuing to come out with strategies to stay ahead of the competition. These events offer detailed insights into what is happening in the world and the pivotal role that marketing plays in the success of an organization. By encouraging student participation in various events, the club helps to direct students to use the skills, tools and concepts that are required to succeed in the business world, while still being ethical and thoughtful in whatever they do.

The marketing club aims to keep itself visible and relevant by conducting a plethora of activities focused on spreading knowledge related to the domain to all students. Recently, a crossword competition was conducted by the club which helped the students gain knowledge while also adding a touch of fun. The Marketing Conclave - an annual marketing event of SJIM conducted by the marketing club - was an endeavour towards understanding the battle between algorithms and individuality in the modern marketing world together with the challenges of ‘selling the feature’ in the advertising industry. With its innovative and blitz marketing campaign in the lead up to Marketing Conclave, the club is redefining marketing while still being educative and innovative.