Marketing Club

Marketing Conclave

In today's fast paced environment, staying abreast of industry trends and innovations is more important than ever,and the Marketing Conclave strives to expose students to industry practices. The Marketing Conclave is an event where students can hear from industry experts about the latest updates in their domain, and it serves as a bridge connecting aspiring marketing managers with seasoned professionals, making for an enriching and enlightening experience.

The Conclave, which was held on 9th September 2023, had three guest speakers: Mr. Ayman Ataaz,a Senior Research, and Insights Director, at Millward Brown (now Kantar). Mr.Abraham Karimpanal, founder of“The Creative Collective” and Mr.P.K.Faisal, the founder and CEO at Neofysis Biotech Pvt Ltd, acompany in the biotechnology research

The session commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony,a symbolic gesture of dispelling ignorance with the light of knowledge. The first speaker, Mr.Ayman Ataaz, is a market researcher and an industry expert on market research. He gave an enlightening talk on the various facets of market research and analyst and the scope in the field. The second speaker,Mr. Abraham Karimpanal, is well versed in advertising and gave a powerful speech on theimportance of good advertising and how each advertising campaign should be adapted to theright company. Finally, Mr.P.K. Faisal spoke on the process of being an entrepreneur and the various steps that go into settingup a successful business.

The session ended with an enlightening question and answer session by the students. It was a fascinating and informative session where students got a glimpse at the ever evolving marketing industry and gained a deeper understanding of the skills required to excel in the field of marketing.