PGDM or MBA. Which is better?

The question of whether PGDM or MBA is better can be perplexing for many aspiring management students. However, by understanding the similarities and differences between the two programs, you can make an informed decision for yourself.

PGDM and MBA are both two-year postgraduate management programs that are recognized by the Government of India. PGDMs are approved by AICTE, whereas MBAs are approved by UGC.

The PGDM curriculum is practical, industry-focused, frequently updated, and dynamic. In contrast, the MBA curriculum is generally theoretical and conceptual. The revision of syllabus may not happen frequently.
MBAs are typically four-semester programs, while PGDMs are six-trimester programs and are therefore quite rigorous.

PGDMs are mostly suited for corporate careers, while MBAs are more suitable for academic careers. Top B Schools in India mostly offer PGDM programs.

PGDM programs are generally expensive due to their better quality and higher placement rates.

SJIM offers a well-reputed PGDM program that has also received the equivalence of an MBA by AIU. St. Joseph AIU