Toastmasters Clubs

Toastmasters club was the brainchild of Ralph C. Smedley, director of education at YMCA back in the early 1900s. The idea behind it was that the participating members will get to improve their speaking and leadership skills, in short, ‘raise a toast’.

In 2018, Toastmasters International is a frontrunner in communication and leadership development, imbibing the leadership skills in its members for nearly a century.

The members or toastmasters as they like to call themselves start off with a speech about themselves, and as they speak, a picture with words comes to life. At its core integrity, respect, service, and excellence are ingrained in every toastmaster who has come to be an effective communicator and leader.

St Joseph's Institute of Management, India, recognized the need for Toastmasters and how it will help its students be the Global leaders of tomorrow. First introduced in 2017, students of SJIM were allotted into 4 groups, namely, St Joseph's Toastmasters club, SJIM Toastmasters Club, SJIM Orators forum, and Josephites Toastmasters club. Every participating member gets a chance to hone their leadership, communication, management skills as every meeting has a theme and the members take up various roles. This helps them to be the leaders and Game Changers of tomorrow.

The club mission of toastmasters aims to empower people to gain self-confidence and achieve personal growth as a result of the positive learning and support.