Business Review

(The flagship journal of St. Joseph's Institute of Management)

Past Issues

From 2017

(The journal was published featuring the new college name, St. Joseph's Institute of Management. Name change approved by AICTE)

  ∎ Editorial Commentary (Caren Rodrigues, SJIM)
  ∎ Business Sustainability Through Spiritual Leadership (Abhijeet Jain, Studylab)
  ∎ A Comparative Study On The Usage Of Solar Renewable Energy And Conventional Energy In Domestic Houses (Adithya Arnold, Saneesh S., Megha Rajj, and Adarsh
     Miskin, M S Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences)
  ∎ An Inquiry On The Principle Component Analysis On The Factors Of Sustainable Business Development Among Women Entrepreneurs In Tiruchirappalli City
     (Jenifer Mary And Mary Elizabeth Shyamala, Holy Cross College)
  ∎ Scope Of Corporate Social Responsibility And Sustainability In The Restoration Of Ruined Heritage Monuments: A Study In Bengaluru (Kavya Guduru,
     Raajika Das And Parashurama Kamath, Christ Deemed To Be University)
  ∎ Causes And Effects Of Gdp Downfall On Economy Of India (Samraddhi Saxena [SJIM], Vipul Shukla [Vit University, Vellore], And Indrajeet Deka [Sjim])
  ∎ Digital Workplace: Technological Tools Major Factor Influencing On Employees’ Performance Towards Sustainability (Udayakumar Hm And Irshad Nazeer,
      Presidency College)
  ∎ Sustainability In Business Operations With Special Focus On Ford As An Enterprise Under The Influence Of Environmental Factors (Varun Mirlay, Indusind)
  ∎ A Study On Sustainability Of Rainwater Harvesting System In Households In North Bengaluru (Tejashree M K, Ramaiah University Of Applied Sciences)

  ∎ Editorial Commentary (Caren Rodrigues, SJIM)
  ∎ Leading in a VUCA Environment – Cases from the Industry (Col. Venkat Raman and Natasha Quadros, SFIMR, Mumbai)
  ∎ How E-commerce Changes the Perception of the Market (Varun Mirlay, IndusInd Bank)
  ∎ Importance of Constant Adaptation in the Field of Management Information Systems in the Banking Industry (Varun Mirlay, IndusInd Bank)
  ∎ Integrated Leadership - Leadership in Key Functional Areas (Aishwarya Singh and Balu L. , Christ University)
  ∎ The Role of the Indian Government and its Leadership Qualities with Reference to the Development of Women Entrepreneurs through Various Schemes
     (L. Mynavathi, Christ University)

  ∎ Editorial Commentary (Caren Rodrigues, SJIM)
  ∎ Consumer Behavior Towards Variometric Scooters in Rural India (Preeti R. Sathyadeep and Prashanth R. Reddy, IIM Bangalore)
  ∎ Consumer Behavior in Chocolates (Aswin Kumaar and Sukanya P., IIM Bangalore)
  ∎ Consumer Behavior Study on the Product Category Health and Energy Drinks (Balaji B., Jayaram Mahalingam and Sankaran Subramanian, IIM Bangalore)
  ∎ Consumer Behavior Analysis of Cloud Computing (Santosh Kumar and Sudarsan Sabesan, IIM Bangalore)

  ∎ Editorial Commentary (Caren Rodrigues, SJIM)
  ∎ This Place Is Not the Same Anymore; Temps Are Coming In (Saikat Chakraborty, IIM Ahmedabad)
  ∎ Study of Modelling Approaches for Framing Transportation Policies Using Behavioral Sciences (Harit Joshi, IIM Ahmedabad)
  ∎ The Influence of Usage of Popular Songs, Music, or Lyrics in Advertisements on the Audience (Ranjitha G P, IIM Kozhikode)
  ∎ The Psychology of Queuing: A Review (Shikha Verma and Sneha Dhyani, IIM Ahmedabad)
  ∎ The Combined Impact of Cross-cultural Training Approaches on Expatriate Adjustment (Merin Jacob, IIM Kozhikode)
  ∎ Implementation of Goods and Services Tax in India (Debdatta Mukherjee, IIM Ahmedabad)
  ∎ The Challenges of Turning India into a Cashless Economy: Lessons from Nigeria (Arunava Ghosh, IIM Indore)
  ∎ Publication Ethics Statement


(The journal was published featuring the old college name, St. Joseph's College of Business Administration)