Business Review

(The flagship journal of St. Joseph's Institute of Management)

Call for Papers

Journal Name

Business Review (ISSN 0973-9076)


Dr. Caren Rodrigues (Doctorate, IIM Bangalore), Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, St. Joseph’s Institute of Management, Bangalore

Areas in which papers are solicited for submission

1. Corporate Strategy and Policy
2. Decision Sciences and Information Systems
3. Economics
4. Finance and Accounting
5. Marketing
6. Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management
7. Production and Operations Management
8. Public Policy

Types of Submissions solicited

Original articles, either conceptual or empirical, that contain new, creative and/ or provocative ideas in the field, and advance our understanding of business and management.

Submission Deadline


Where to submit

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Author Submission Guidelines

Submitted manuscripts should follow the guidelines mentioned.
Please note that the guidelines are aligned to those of the Academy of Management.
Please ensure that your manuscript is blinded, in order to facilitate a quicker peer review.

Contact details

For any inquiries, please contact: Dr. Caren Rodrigues, Editor,
St. Joseph’s Institute of Management, 28/1, Primrose Road, Bangalore 25