Business Review

(The flagship journal of St. Joseph's Institute of Management)

Best Paper Award

  ∎ OT, OB & HRM
  ∎ Saikat Chakraborty (IIM Ahmedabad), "This Place Is Not the Same Anymore; Temps Are Coming In"
  ∎ Public Policy
  ∎ Harit Joshi (IIM Ahmedabad), "Study of Modelling Approaches for Framing Transportation Policies Using Behavioral Sciences"
  ∎ Marketing
  ∎ Ranjitha G P (IIM Kozhikode), "The Influence of Usage of Popular Songs, Music, or Lyrics in Advertisements on the Audience"
  ∎ Production & Operations Management
  ∎ Shikha Verma and Sneha Dhyani (IIM Ahmedabad), "The Psychology of Queuing: A Review"