Operations Club

Operation's Conclave 2019

The annual "Operations Management Conclave" for 2019 was held on 15th October 2019 in our Loyola Auditorium at 2.00 PM. The theme was "Technological Disruptions in Operations and Project Management". Our, Dean Dr. R Narasimhan proposed the welcome address followed by faculty coordinator, Prof. V J Lawrence who spoke about the objectives of the conclave. There were 5 speakers who spoke at the conclave.

The first speaker was Mr. A N Prakash, Construction Consultant(ANPCMC) and he spoke about the different constraints in construction management and he also highlighted about the project management techniques and recent state of the art projects.

The second speaker was Mr. Kumar Visvanathan, who is currently spearheading Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives like Chat-bot and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for some of the key internal processes. He spoke about the Artificial Intelligence(AI) interventions in operations management and how chat-bots helps Mind-tree in managing the operational activities.

The third speaker for the day was Mr. Harsh Kumar Johari, he is an operations consultant and he gave his instincts and ideas about mobile banking, block chain and AI and machine learning.

The fourth and fifth speakers where Mr. Sai Srinivas and Ms. Shuba Vani from Tata Consultancy Services(TCS). They shared how operations techniques are relevant in the current technological world.

The student coordinator of Operations, Mr. Mohamed Rizwan proposed the vote of thanks.
The MCs were Ms. Adlin Cyril & Ms. Andrea Fuller from I Year.