Operations Club

Operations Conclave 2018

The Operations Conclave, themed “The Era of Intelligent Operations”, was held on the 4 th of October, 2018 at Loyola Auditorium. The operations department conducted the event keeping in mind the latest trends in the field of corporate operations, with prime focus on Block chain technology, Cloud computing and Live streaming. The objective of the conclave was to consolidate how industries use these technologies in their operating processes.

Four eminent speakers from different sectors of the industry shed light on the topic. The first two speakers were from Akamai Technologies, which is a global leader in content delivery network and cloud services. Mr. Pravin Jairaj, head of account management group for Asia Pacific and Japan at Akamai, gave an insight on the functioning of content delivery network, its power to bridge the challenges of the middle mile and to scale content and services globally. Mr. Sharath Rao, head Akamai Professional Service team for the European region, explained how block chain technology works, the nuances of online content streaming, the importance of latency and the various treats faced by such technology along with the role of penetration testers in its elimination.

The third speaker was Mr Syam Thomas, the youngest regional head for Ujjivan bank, dealt with the importance of date sourcing and organization in effective decision making. He focused on the power of data and how it is used at Ujjivan bank in three areas, namely customer experience, quality assurance and grievance resolution. The final speaker for the day was Mr. Amarnath Basu, head of research group, cloud and mobile computing at Siemens India, who explained how traditional operating functions are being replaced by technology. He also explained the difference between data analytics, artificial Intelligence, machine learning and deep learning along with its practical applications in the industry. Mr. Basu also encouraged students to see cloud computing as a business model rather than just a technology.

The event served as a fruitful session for students to get an insider view of how the industry uses technology to facilitate its operations and how it will shape the future of organizations.