Guest Lecture on Winning skills to succeed in the Corporate World

Name of the speaker : Mr Vijay Pandey
Designation of the speaker : Former Regional President , Robert Bosch
Topic of the guest lecture : Winning skills to succeed in the Corporate World
Date: 14th February, 2018

On the 14th of February, Mr. Vijay Pandey, former Regional President, Bosch, visited St. Josephs Institute of Management to share with the students his insights on ways to succeed in the Corporate world. Mr. Vijay started off the session by asking the students a few interactive questions. He then went on to talking about the various phases that would be experienced by an employee in an organization.
He then brought out various important aspects, the first one being to ‘re educate’, one should never lose an opportunity to reskill themselves as they climb up the corporate ladder.
Mr. Vijay then emphasized on a point regarding summer internships saying, “think about the internship as a job. It can be a stepping stone to your success”.
Next, he talked about the importance of networking with people and urged the students to do the same. He then said, “stand out early from the herd to make a mark”. Mr. Vijay also did throw light on the fact that we all need to be proactive. At our future work places, we should jump into a hot project which is visible. He then went on to emphasizing about how we should be world-class in timeliness and quality of work.
He did talk about leadership as well and stated a common problem we all have, and that is that we do not ask questions and commit even before knowing the scope of the work and therefore end up not delivering on time. Mr. Vijay said, “Quality and Truthfulness are traits that raise your professional level”. He also mentioned that Humility is a hallmark of great leaders.
He insisted that the students should develop a reading habit as it would widen their horizon and autobiographies of great leaders are very inspiring.
He ended the session by sharing with us the importance of having good health and a healthy lifestyle.
Students then discussed the areas in which they wanted an expert opinion and Mr. Vijay was more than happy to help them.
This experience has imprinted on all the young minds the ways to stand above the herd and to rise to unimaginable heights, to be the best at whatever we do within an organization as well as in our lives.