The Transformational Values-based Leadership Workshop

The SERVE transformational leadership workshop was conducted by the Chick-fil-A team business owner team from the US, in partnership with LEAD International at St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Bangalore on 5th September 2017. Around 30 participants from various industry backgrounds from all over the country attended the workshop. After an introductory welcome by Chris D’Souza, Director LEAD & organizer of the program; Fr. Manoj D’Souza, Executive Director, SJIM inaugurated the MDP by welcoming the participants on behalf of SJIM. The workshop began with an introduction to the SERVE model by Dr. Jay Raines and then the Chick-fil-A team took over. Each letter of the SERVE model was introduced by a different speaker, who wove personal experiences as well as experiential learning activities into the specific aspect of the leadership model being delivered. Application exercises in the SERVE workbook helped the participants delve deeper into the practical aspects of leadership and set up a plan for the future. The program ended with the distribution of certificates of completion for each participant. Overall, the feedback was very good with the participants in general taking away the message that “Great Leaders SERVE” and in particular, with a concrete plan to put into action the 5 practices of great leaders!

About the SERVE model of Leadership: The SERVE Leadership Transformation model is aimed at all those in Leadership positions as well as for those aspiring to be leaders. This model inspired management guru Ken Blanchard to co-author “THE SECRET” based on the Chick-fil-A corporate culture. It has been tested with tremendous results for over 40 years at Chick-fil-A, which has been incredibly successful in the service industry with almost $8 billion in sales. It introduces the participant to the following potential impacts of leadership:
Create organization-wide vision and learn a new language of leadership.
Understand behaviors and attitudes that great leaders demonstrate.
Improve the level of employee engagement and productivity.
Support a culture that embraces innovation and change.
Balance driving of results with promotion of relationships based on trust.

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