Chandini Davies
Director HR (Head of HR) at Resource Pro,
Batch 2003

SJCBA was the foundation for me to build a strong professional life. It teaches you to build team work in a competitive environment,
while keeping your individuality.

Sreesuresh K
Senior Manager Talent Acquisition Technicolor India,
Batch 1998

Proud to be a Josephite! SJCBA (SJIM) transformed us to professionals. SJCBA gave us the elite place in the corporate world. We are ever grateful and thank SJCBA for its dedication and determination to make us so successful in life. Once again, we are proud to be a part of SJCBA (SJIM) family.

Bijesh PP
Batch 1998

The first thing which I am proud, is being called as ‘St. Joseph's pass out’. I value my friendship and the friend-circle which I have got from Joseph's. It is one of the best one's in my life.

Sanam Rodrigues
Travelling Film Festival Manager (For the Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, Australia)
Batch 2004

The friends I made and many things that I learnt through our group projects and interactions-are some of my unforgettable memories of studying at SJCBA.

Biju Yohannan
Strategic- HR Business Partner, Nokia Networks
Batch 1998

Learnings during the time spent in college is still relevant. I thank the college for the overall development and direction it gave for my growth.

Chintan K Doshi
Group Campus Program Lead - Landmark Group, Dubai
Batch 2008

SJCBA helped me get educated from some of best industry pioneers which laid the foundation of my career over the last decade. The assignments given by faculty and their rich experience across industry not only provided a wider view of the corporate world but also help us gain practical experience. I was also fortunate to see one of the industry faculty as my mentor after 7 years of my graduation from the school and we both still cherished our learning. We build professional relationships that will be cherished for many years to come ahead.

Chandresh Ranjan
National Product Manager - Retail Banking at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
Batch 2008

Studying in SJCBA/SJIM was an experience I will always cherish. The best part was the faculty and their friendliness towards students. It was a great support. SJCBA has taught me the importance of positive attitude and problem solving techniques. It was a well spent two years of my life.

Allen Sandeep
Director of Research, NAEEM Holding (a MENA focused regional investment bank - http://www.naeemholding.com/), Egypt.
Batch 2004

While finance was my favorite subject for which I developed a great taste for in the institute, what I take away and value most, is the emphasis on business ethics. Executing the codes of ethics and sticking to those values, has kept me going quite successfully over these past 15 years in this increasingly rat-raced investment banking industry. All that I have achieved during these years is because of the Institute and its values imbibed in me.

Roger Joseph Lurshay
Senior Associate at Mindtree ltd
Batch 2015

It gave me goose bumps to witness the third edition of Quest on 24th September 2016. I fondly recall how three years ago a few of us joined hands and decided to host the first ever inter-collegiate quiz contest at SJIM. It was then called Quizzical. What began as a modest yet competitive battle of 7 colleges has now evolved to an impressive and coveted battle of intellects that has garnered publicity even in the digital and mobile space! It is an overwhelming feeling to watch this event grow by leaps and bounds with each passing year. This is a true demonstration of Josephites putting into practice the college motto of Faith and Toil.

Vanissa Jennifer Colaco,
Associate Consultant at EY India LLP
Batch 2014

My experience at SJIM has meant career advancement to a highly responsible and technically challenging position in my career path. Along with that goes an increased sense of self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. I found welcoming classmates, friendly faculty which helped me to build memories and friendship. I will always be grateful to the management and staff for their tireless efforts to ensure a bright and prosperous future for us.

Aaqib Jamal,
CEO at Fusion Factory
Batch 2016

SJIM had been the turning point in my life. It is where I started my journey to become an Entrepreneur. SJIM does not just teach you academics but gives you a taste of what management really is all about. With the variety of events conducted here, you get excellent exposure for testing your classroom learnings and skills, and develop them furthermore.

Crystal Catherine George
Business Development Executive at Peepal Consulting
Batch 2016

I think one of the most interesting things about SJIM is its ability to focus on every individual's strength and channelize it to a productive outcome. And our faculty do a brilliant job at it! Thank you SJIM, for giving me a platform to showcase who I am.

Smitha (Time Inc)
Batch 2014

SJIM, the bond beyond blood relation, being a Josephite is not a status; it is a responsibility. Being a Josephite is a symbol of pride, a lesson for life, a journey you will never forget, and most important the friends and memories you made, I am so glad I chose Joseph’s. Being a Josephite, all I know is I can lead my life with no regrets and will learn new things in life without looking back whether I will succeed or not. Prof Suresh Herur always tells there is no harm in trying; all you have to is experience the time you spent and take the learnings from it. As often been said, the youth who loves his ALMA MATER will always ask, not 'What can the ALMA MATER do for me?' But 'What can I do for my ALMA Mater'

Srushti Rao
Account Service Manager at Akamai Technologies
Batch 2016

The best part of SJIM is, every door you knock on has something to learn and someone to help. It had the most amazing faculty, infrastructure support and extensive learning. I'm lucky to have been a part of SJIM

Pranjal Chordia
HR Executive at The Fuller Life
Batch 2016

Josephs is where I learnt, grew and flourished! Josephs moulded me into something I believe I could never become! The teaching methods, the faulty and the institution are all beyond excellent! My college gave me more than what I gave to it and that's the sign of an organization that is unselfish!

Ragini Rita
Merchandising Planning Analyst at Target Corporation of India
Batch 2016

Walking down memory lane, thinking about my old college days sends a nostalgic feeling down my spine. Lecturers, classes, friends, canteen. SJIM taught me to find a balance between my studies and social life. No matter whether we win the competition or not, it taught me that participation is very important. My Alma Mater nurtured me into a true human being. And I am proud of it.

Amir Suhail
Management Trainee in Corporate Purchasing department at Bosch Ltd
Batch 2016

My experiences at SJIM is the most memorable part of my life. SJIM provides the best education, talented peers and faculty members. A great culture that brings everyone together as a family! It has changed my life from being a boy to being a holistic professional. My sincere thanks to all the faculty members, mentors and everyone at SJIM family for their support and altruism. They have played a very crucial role in shaping me for the future. I take forward the beautiful memories and will always cherish them. Thank you SJIM for making my journey amazing...! Finally, to be the BEST you have to be with the BEST. And there is no better place than SJIM...!!

Tamreen Hasan Batch 2016

SJIM is the best thing that happened to me. Coming from a Middle East background, SJIM opened my eyes to the reality and groomed me into an intellectual eloquent and fierce young woman, ready to take on the world's challenges. This college has left me with amazing memories, which I will cherish throughout my life. The faculty and fellow students are so supportive, you will never be alone in your journey.