Seattle University student and faculty exchange at SJIM

On 4th and 5th September 2023, students, faculty, and staff from the Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University, USA, visited SJIM. The Seattle group were led by Dr. Madhu Rao and Prof. Tanner. Dr. Ajay Abraham, the SU-St. Joseph’s liaison from Albers was also present.

On 4th September, the Seattle group were accompanied by students and faculty from SJIM, and they visited two organizations - Mazumdar Shaw Medical Foundation Technology Business Incubator (MSMF-TBI) and Desiri Naturals. MSMF-TBI is India's first corporate hospital-based start-up incubator. The visiting group was given a presentation on the background of the organization and its growth, followed by a tour of the facilities. The group met several teams heading the different startups being incubated at TBI. The group was also privileged to have an interactive session with Dr. Paul Salins, Managing Director of MSMF and Chairman of MSMF TBI. While TBI lies at one end of the Indian business spectrum, Desiri Naturals lies at the other. Desiri Naturals is a social entrepreneurship started in Karnataka. The organization has units located in rural areas where bull-driven Ghanas produce chemical-free oils. Desiri also produces a host of other products grown through traditional methods and by using local labour. Mr Naveen Kumar, one of the founders of Desiri gave a detailed explanation of this venture.

On 5th September, the Seattle group visited SJIM. The faculty members from both schools discussed ways in which the collaboration between the two schools could be strengthened. At the same time, the Seattle students interacted with the students from SJIM through fun activities and games. The entire group was also invited to participate in the teacher’s day celebrations at SJIM.