Operations Conclave

Operations conclave was hosted in SJIM on 18th of November 2021, where students had an opportunity to interact with industry veterans and gain insight into the current trends and practices in the operations domain. With sustainability being the need of the hour for every business, this year’s theme of the conclave was “Sustainable Operations”. The conclave featured renowned speakers across different industries: Mr. Piyush Sharma (Asst VP, Max Retail Division, Lifestyle International Pvt Ltd.), Mr. Umesh Chaturvedi (CEO, Infynix Data Services), Mr. Derick Jose (Co-founder, Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics), Mr. Srinivas Rao (Currently associated with BEL). Director, Rev Dr. Manoj D’Souza and Dean Dr. A.R. Rajagopalan were also present in the conclave.

During the conclave, Mr Piyush Sharma addressed how sustainability is practiced in the retail sector. Mr. Umesh Chaturvedi explained the concept of perishable inventory in the context of services marketing and then went on to discuss the criticality of Customer Delight in the service industry. Mr. Derick Jose spoke about how technology has disrupted operations by citing various examples. Mr. Srinivas Rao stressed that sustainability is important not just in business, but in every action in life. The conclave concluded with a captivating dance performance from the cultural team.