• Full Name : Dr. R. Narasimhan

  • Highest Education Degree : Ph.D, Indian Institute of Technology

  • Department : Strategy and Entrepreneurship

  • Designation : Professor

  • Additional Designation : Dean

  • Institutional Email Address : narasimhan@sjim.edu.in

  • Room Number: 13

  • Office Phone Number with extension :

  • LinkedIn Profile Link :

  • Courses Taught in SJIM : "Management Information Systems, Business Statistics 1"

  • Research Interests : Information Systems Design, Strategy, Entrepreneurship,

Level (PhD, Master's, Bachelor's) Name of Degree Year of Completion Name of Degree Awarding Institute or University Specialization Details of any award related to the degree
Postdoc Fellow Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Thesis: Non-linear Dynamical Systems with particular focus on Analysis of Stock market Behavior in Chaotic Conditions
Ph.D 1985 IIT Madras Electromechanical Systems: Dynamic Behaviour
Master's M.Sc. Applied Mathematics 1980 IIT Roorkee Applied Mathematics Distinction
Bachelor's B.Sc. Mathematics 1977 Madras University Mathematics
Journal Publications
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Article Journal Name Volume and Issue Number
1 P. Achuthan, R, Narasimhan and R. Rangarajan 1991 On Kdtv Solitons and Pade’ Approximants Jour,Math,Phy Vol.25,No.3
2 H.S. Paul and R. Narasimhan 1987 2017 Magnetothermoelastic stress waves in a circular cylinder Int. J. Engng Sci Vol 25, No.4, pp.413-425,
3 H.S. Paul and R. Narasimhan 1984 Rayleigh waves in magneto-thermoelastic rotating media with thermal relaxation J.Indian Inst.Sci 65(B),Nov. pp.245-253
4 H.S. Paul and R. Narasimhan 1987 The vibration of a thermoelastic plate in a large static magnetic field Indian J.pure appl,Math. 18(5):451-460,
Books or Book Chapters
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Book (if it is book chapter, then include the title of the book and its editors) Publisher Name Place of Publication
1 H.S. Paul and R. Narasimhan 1982 Propagation of surface waves in magnetothersoelastic material with tensorial permeability 27th ISTAM congress Jadavpur
Work Experience (academic and industry)
Title or Position Name of Organization Duration (in years) Details of experience
Professor and Head, Department of Mathematics and Computer Applications Sree Venkateswara College of Engineering, Chennai 17 Teaching and Administration
Senior Manager HCL Technologies 2 Building KMS, CMM L5 Processes
Deputy Dean Greatlakes Institute of Management, Chennai 7 Teaching Strategy courses, administration
Consultant Consulting 4 Turn around, start up, process audit
Dean Woxsen School of Business 3 Founding Dean, teaching, administration
Associate Dean BML Munjal University 2 Engineering Curriculum, administration
Examinations and Certifications
Name of Examination or Certification Year Score (if relevant)
Awards and Research Grants
Name of Award or Grant Awarding Organization Year awarded Details
Postdoc Fellowship Tata Institute of Fundamental Research 1989 To carry out research in the application of non-linear dynamical systems in analysis of stock market data for higher order similarity.