Leadership Development Program organized for SJPUC

A leadership development program (LDP) was organized for St. Joseph’s Pre-University College (SJPUC) on 26th and 27th July 2018. The objective of this program was to develop and strengthen leadership skills among the student leaders of SJPUC. Through this objective it was expected that students can then become better future leaders who can lead themselves and others in a responsible, effective and ethical manner.

The program coordinator was Dr. Bindu Singh (PhD, IIT Roorkee) and the resource people for the sessions included Dr. Caren Rodrigues (PhD, IIM Bangalore) and Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy (PhD, IIM Bangalore).

The first day of the program included student leaders of the different classes at SJPUC. Both first- and second-year students were present. The second day of the program included students who were leaders of various clubs and sports teams at SJPUC. The students were accompanied by their teachers, Mrs. Vahidunnisa and Mr. Sudarshan on the first day and by Mr. Sandesh on the next day. On both days, the program started with the lighting of the lamp by the Director of SJIM, the teachers from SJPUC, the LDP coordinator, Dr. Bindu Singh, and a student representative. The Director of SJIM, Fr. Manoj D’Souza then delivered a very engaging welcome address. Soon after, the different sessions of the program started, which included sessions on leadership styles, building and leading teams, as well as leadership values from an Ignatian perspective.

Both days ended with students learning essential skills that leaders should have, introspective insights about themselves that can help them become better leaders, and understanding how to lead teams. The program was well received by the students of SJPUC, who enjoyed the various session activities.