Guest Lecture- Competency Modelling & Leadership Development

Name of the speaker : Kumar Visvanathan
Topic of the guest lecture : Guest Lecture- Competency Modelling & Leadership Development
Date: 10th, October 2018

Mr. Kumar is a HR Professional with a Master’s Degree in Management, pursuing Ph.D in Business Administration and an active Motivational Speaker. He runs the HR Global Shared Services in Mindtree, Bangalore. He is currently spearheading the Artificial Intelligence (AI) initiatives like the Chabot and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for some of the key internal processes.

The Guest Lecture revolved around the factors that lead to successful leadership. He stressed on the importance of high levels of Integrity in everything we do, irrespective of whether we are under supervision or not. The commonality among companies that failed was that they focused on the short term goals rather on the vision of the company.

Few points that we should always remember is to- Acknowledge the fact that a person does not need to know answers to all questions; Set priorities rightly; Challenge oneself and become a “Sense maker” than a “Direction giver” during Change Management. HR Shared Services and the Simon Sinek Framework were few topics covered during the lecture. It ended with a Q & A Session. It was an informative session.

He quoted "Be crazy! Be insane! Be foolish!, but you will never regret that you haven’t tried"