Guest Lecture on How to become an Entrepreneur

Name of the speaker : Mr. Kheda Sanjenbam
Designation of the speaker : Senior Analytics Professional, Tata Consultancy Services
Topic of the guest lecture : Analytics and Six Sigma
Date: 17th February, 2018

Mr. Kheda is SJIM's very own alumnus with over 15 years of experience in data analytics. It was the perfect opportunity for the students to pick the brains of a seasoned analyst. The lecture started with an introduction about the speaker and how he made his way into the industry, his rich background and also a few anecdotes along the way. The primary topic for the lecture was related to analytics where he divulged valuable information regarding how analytics play an important role in day to day life. He then moved on to provide various examples of how analytics helps us make the right decision and also profit from this decision all along, giving perfectly relatable answers to the questions posed by our curious audience.
Then came the technicals of the topic- the process that is used in Analytics (Input-Process-Output transformation) as well as the tools that are currently used in the market that include both commercial tools such as SAS, Tableau, QlikView vs. open source tools such as R Tool, Python etc. Having a certain hands-on on these tools can certainly provide anyone the competitive edge in the market. The next topic was related to Six Sigma, where the speaker differentiated between the different belts available (yellow, green, black and master black). He also emphasized on the basic characteristics of six sigma before moving into two of the prominent methodologies- DMAIC (for an existing business process) and the DMADV (for new product or process designs).
He ended the guest lecture with seven important points that no teacher or textbook would ever teach you. These were regarding the little truths that the corporate world would teach us. How lucky are we to have him share this with us. The most impressive out of these was: "Leadership is not about popularity; You cannot please everyone."