Guest Lecture on Compensation at Lenovo India

Name of the speaker : Mr Kenneth Joshua
Designation of the speaker :
Topic of the guest lecture : Compensation at Lenovo India
Date: 11th, August 2018

The guest lecture for the HR domain in St. Joseph’s Institute of Management took place on the 11th of August 2018. The guest lecture was conducted by Mr Kenneth Joshua, who is an alumni of the St Joseph’s family. Mr Kenneth, who likes to be called as Ken, is a banker turned HR professional and has been working with Lenovo India for the past 5 and a half years. The topic for the lecture was Compensation at Lenovo India. He talked about how he got into the compensation aspect of HR in the Global Technology leader. With the belief that ‘Different is Better’, Lenovo has a whopping 22% market share in 2018. Mr Kenneth pointed to the importance of Compensation and Benefits by stating that, for good brand creation, a company needs good people and that for good people, good pay is necessary. He also talked about the Total rewards philosophy of Lenovo; the breakup of total rewards into base salary, variable pay and long term incentives. Moreover, he discussed and pointed to the compensation and benefit package of an organization from the employer, employee and cost perspectives. Real life examples were provided by him like that of Lenovo tablets used in Ola cabs for Ola play.

Mr Kenneth talked about Lenovo’s approach towards total rewards to employees giving a glimpse into the practical application of Compensation and Benefits management in organizations. How the minimum, average and maximum salary range is decided, benchmarking compensation with external market etc. are some of the areas he discussed with the HR domain. Later, he discussed about the challenges he has faced in this field and how both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is required in this field. He closed the session by a small Q&A session where he answered all the questions of the students. This guest lecture gave a practical insight into the theoretical knowledge acquired by the students in class sessions and was well received by the students.