Industrial Visit - The Printers (Mysore) Limited | Deccan Herald

The students of St. Joseph’s Institute of Management visited “The Printers (Mysore) Limited, Deccan Herald” on 12th of October 2020. The visit to the Deccan Herald helped the students to understand the production activity, management process, technology works and also to acquire knowledge and experience.

Mr. Nagendra Loknath, Production Manager, briefly explained about the following process and operations:
• Inventory management for ink (UV ink and Cold Set ink) and paper reels.
• The types of paper reels used- Imported (from Canada) and indigenous paper.
• Different types of machines used like Web-offset Printing machine (for printing images), newspaper printing machine and automatic Assembly line machine.
• Operations involved in day-to-day maintenance for machines.
• Safety and security measures taken by the company.
• Innovations like 3D printing for newspapers focused by the company.
• Different Marketing strategies used by the company.
• Product lines of the company and their target customers.

The visit concluded with a Q&A session with the production manager of the Deccan Herald.