SJIM papers presented at the INDAM Conference 2017 at IIM Indore

Two papers from SJIM were presented at the 5th Biennial Indian Academy of Management Conference 2017 held at IIM Indore. This was an international conference organized by the Indian Academy of Management, which is an affiliate of the Academy of Management, the mother body for management academics worldwide.

One paper, co-authored by Dr. Caren Rodrigues (assistant professor), Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy (assistant professor) and Ms. Supreeth Muthamma (II PGDM student), examined the link between location and turnover intentions in the Indian nature tourism industry.

The other paper was co-authored by Dr. Caren Rodrigues, Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy, and II PGDM students Ms. Advika Sequeria and Ms. Trupthi Venkatesh. It dealt with leadership roles that lead to job satisfaction and the intention to stay in the context of female leaders and female followers.

The student co-authors presented both papers at the INDAM conference in IIM Indore, to an audience that consisted of deans, professors and doctoral students in the OB & HR area.