Guest Lecture – Mr. Jimmy Anklesaria

J. Shipman Gold Medal recipient and CEO of Anklesaria group (USA), Mr. Jimmy Anklesaria, addressed the dignitaries and students of St. Joseph’s Institute of Management on August 30 to talk about his ideas on “The journey to world class supply chain capability from leveraging volumes to leveraging ideas.”

He started his lecture by taking a trip down memory lane from when he used to be a part of the St. Joseph’s Institution. He then spoke about the importance of networking and related the formula for success to common sense by stating that success can be achieved through common sense.

Mr. Anklesaria, through his presentation, delivered the magic formula for success. He interacted with the audience by asking them questions on what can be the possible ultimate goal of any organization/firm? He used the term “Funny money” to talk about cost cutting and cost management methods which could help an organization make more revenue with decreased cost in a sustainable manner.

The most important aspect of his lecture was the AIM and DRIVE method which stands for Agree, Identify, Measure, Define, Reduce, Implement, Verify, and Enroll. He concluded his lecture by talking about making effective use of resources and how average people plus brilliant processes can create brilliant results!