Applied Innovation through Design Thinking Workshop

The workshop on Applied Innovation through Design Thinking was conducted by Dr. Brandon Vaidyanathan, Associate Professor, Catholic University of America in partnership with St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Bangalore on 10th March 2018. The aim was to introduce participants to the core principles of design, via a lean, forward-thinking, customer-centric approach and with respect to organizational leadership and innovation.

Around 20 participants from various corporate backgrounds attended the workshop. After an introductory welcome by Chris D’Souza, Director LEAD and organizer of the program, Dr. Brandon began the workshop. With a general introduction to the concepts of Design Thinking, Dr. Brandon exposed the participants to the entire process (Exploration, Envisioning, Experimenting and Enacting) as well as the tools of Design Thinking, taking up a general example to introduce the concepts and familiarize the participants with the process.

In the second half of the workshop, the process was personalized by applying the concepts learned to a pressing issue each participant faced that could lend itself to benefit from innovation. This ensured that there was both internalization of concepts as well as practical benefit to the participants by giving them the opportunity to apply concepts to real life issues. Numerous application exercises, reflection and discussion sessions made this workshop a great success with highly positive feedback from the participants. The program ended with a concluding message by Rev. Fr. Manoj D’Souza, the Executive Director of SJIM, who also gave away the certificates of completion to each participant.

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