Corporate Engagement

Consistent with business school practice, faculty from the Research Center solicit and engage only in those consulting and executive development projects that increase their learning and enrich teaching and research. Consulting brings the Center in touch with real life managerial problems and enhances the academia-corporate interfaces at SJIM. While some projects are solely undertaken by the Center, others are undertaken under senior faculty from other reputed business schools, such as IIM Bangalore.

Representative Projects and Programs
1. Managerial Competency-based Assessment Center, undertaken under senior faculty from IIM Bangalore, for the Post of Director in Nova Nordisk (in 2016).

2. Managerial Competency-based Development Centers, undertaken under senior faculty from IIM Bangalore. These were workshops conducted to enhance skills of line managers in Nova Nordisk (in 2016).

3. Dr. Caren Rodrigues was invited to Toshiba as an expert speaker on cross-cultural issues in 2015 and 2016.