3 Major Differences between MBA and PGDM

After graduation, every student has to go through a period when they cannot figure out what to pursue. Especially students who have done graduation in commerce or management struggle to opt between MBA and PGDM. There are some students too who think that there is hardly any difference between the two. But those know about the two courses can easily figure out that the difference between the two is imperative.

The following are some of the points that clear the distinction between the two courses. Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) is a proper degree that centrally affiliated colleges and universities offer. There are some reputed institutes which are known for the MBA degree they offer, like FMS and IIFT, etc. whereas Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a diploma course which is offered by AICTE recognized institutes.

• Distinction based on Fees
When we compare PGDM and MBA, then it should be noticed that the fee structure is comparatively lower in the case of an MBA than PGDM. If a student pursues PGDM from IIMs, then it would cost him approximately 17 to 19 lakhs for 2 years, whereas the tuition fees for two years MBA degree would cost much less than this. Students have many options for PGDM admissions in Bangalore, where the fee structure is quite reasonable as per the course.

• Distinction based on the curriculum
In an MBA degree, students are taught more about the theoretical aspects of management concepts and practices. Syllabus being theoretical and uniform becomes one of the major drawbacks for this degree because the business environment in which the management practices are conducted keeps on changing and it quite uncertain.

In PGDM, students are given both theoretical and practical knowledge. In this, the major aim is to acquaint students with real-life business instances. For this, they are provided effective training so that they can be prepared for the future business world. The course of PGDM is more practical and dynamic as compared to an MBA degree.

• Impact of MBA or PGDM on the future career of students
Considering the Indian scenario, it would be right to say that there is no big difference in the treatment of the Indian Industry towards MBA and PGDM students. Student performance is the only factor that decides his or her growth in the career. Moreover, the salary he or she would receive will be decided according to the college name and brand.

Considering the Global scenario, there is again not a big difference. The name of the institute and brand are the only factors that determine salary and future growth. If we consider these as a higher studies perspective, the students who have done an MBA degree are given preference, and they stand ahead by one to two points than those who have done diplomas. Many good universities do not even accept a diploma equivalent to a master's degree for the sake of admission in higher studies courses.

These are the points of differences between the two. Students can opt for any one of the two courses as per their suitability and preferences. There are many MBA and PGDM colleges in Bangalore with fee structure being reasonable. So, aspirants must do a thorough search before making any decision.