• Full Name : Mrs. Binny Cherian

  • Highest Education Degree : M.A (Analytical Economics) from Kerala University. Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) from CMR University, Bangalore in Economics.

  • Department : General Management

  • Designation : Assistant Professor

  • Institutional Email Address : binny@sjim.edu.in

  • Room Number: 214

  • LinkedIn Profile Link : https://in.linkedin.com/in/binny-mathew-4b24228

  • Courses Taught in SJIM : Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Commercial Banking, Research Methodology.

  • Research Interests : Topics related to development economics, health economics, wealth economics, new discoveries and innovations, banking.

Level (PhD, Master's, Bachelor's) Name of Degree Year of Completion Name of Degree Awarding Institute or University Specialization Details of any award related to the degree
Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy 2022 CMR University Economics -
Master's M.A 2001 Kerala University (Analytical Economics) -
Master's PGDBA 2013 Sikkim Manipal University - -
Master's Business Analytics July 2017 – May 2018 Manipal ProLearn R Programming & Excel -
Masters Certification Data Science Foundation Program June 2019 – Jan 2020 International school of AI and Data Science AI and Python -
Bachelor’s B.A 1999 Kerala University Economics -
Bachelor’s B.Ed 2003 Kerala University Social Studies Third Rank Holder
Journal Publications
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Article Journal Name Volume and Issue Number
1 Binny Cherian, Astran Vivin Gonsalves and Avil Saldanha 2019 Investment patterns of the salaried millennials – a comparative study of India and United States of America. Impact :International Journal of Research in Humanities, Arts and Literature (UGC Listed Journal) (Best Paper Award) Vol.7, No.4
2 Avil Saldanha, Swetha R, & Binny Cherian 2019 Examination of Measures Taken by RBI to minimize Unauthorized Acceptance of Money Deposits by Unincorporated Entities: An Empirical Study in Karnataka State RESEARCH REVIEW International Journal of Multidisciplinary (UGC Listed Journal) Vol.4, No.2
3 Binny Cherian 2018 Wage-Labour Productivity Relationship in Manufacturing Sector of Karnataka State – A special reference to the Textile Industry International Journal for Innovative Science and Research Technology Vol.3, No.6
4 Binny Cherian and Avil Saldahna 2016 “Marketing Myopia” – Special reference to B- schools, Business Review Vol.10, No.1
5 Binny Cherian and Avil Saldahna 2014 Challenges faced by Organized Retailers in India Business Review Vol.8, No.2
6 Binny Cherian 2011 Examining the effects of migration in the Indian Economy Business Review Vol. 5
Papers Presented at Conferences
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Conference Title of Paper Presented Conference Name Conference Location
1 Binny Cherian, Avil Saldanha, Ganashree R, Astran Vivian Gonsalves 2018 Present and Future of Financial services in Indian Banking Sector International Conference on fostering innovation in Financial Inclusion School of Management, Manipal.
2 Binny Cherian, Avil Saldanha, Blynal Basil Quadros, Johan Chris Antony Lewis 2018 A study on the trends in the Bitcoins and possible outcomes. International Conference on fostering innovation in Financial Inclusion School of Management, Manipal.
3 Binny Cherian 2017 Wage-Labour productivity relationship in manufacturing sector of Karnataka state – a special reference to textile industry. Ist International Conference “Responsible Business and Sustainable development (ICRBSD 2017) CMR University (School of Management)
4 Binny Cherian and Dr. Avil Saldanha 2017 Hyperinflation in Venezuela – Causes and Suggestive Solution. International Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Christ University, Bangalore
5 Binny Cherian and Dr. Avil Saldanha 2014 Challenges faced by Organized Retailers In India. National Conference on Managing Uncertainty: Strategies for Surviving and Thriving in turbulent markets. Aloysius Institute of Management and IT, Mangalore.
6 Binny Cherian, Dolphy Abraham and V. Vaidyanathan 2009 Evaluating the impact of class size on the quality instruction. AIMS 7th international conference. IIM, Bangalore
Work Experience (academic and industry)
Title or Position Name of Organization Duration (in years) Details of experience
Assistant Professsor St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Bangalore 10 years Teaching and Research
Senior Technical Writer Technocraft, Bangalore 2 Years Training, Documentation, Projects done for companies like Mindtech, Motorola etc.
Economics Facilitator HIS, Dubai 2 Years Teaching.
Economics Facilitator Bishop Moore Vidyapith, Kerala 1 Year Teaching.
Examinations and Certifications
Name of Examination or Certification Year
Foundation Course: SEM Advanced to Scratch (IBM SPSS AMOS) from (Udemy) 2020
Outcome Based Education (OBE) & Academic Quality Assurance (Udemy) 2020
PGDCA 2003
Diploma in Technical Writing 2008
SPSS online certification 2015