Chat with CEO | Unraveling the Essence of BigBasket Brand at SJIM

9th January 2024
SJIM hosted a riveting session titled “Chat with CEO | Unraveling the BigBasket Brand.” The event featured Mr. Hari Menon, the distinguished Founder and CEO of BigBasket, who engaged in a highly interactive discussion with students. The focus of the session extended beyond the entrepreneurial journey, delving into the intricacies of BigBasket's brand strategy, positioning, marketing, and future plans in the wake of its acquisition by TATA.

Mr. Hari Menon provided valuable insights into how BigBasket strategically positions itself within the competitive landscape. The discussion encompassed the unique value propositions that set BigBasket apart in the minds of consumers. The session explored BigBasket's approach to branding and marketing, shedding light on the strategies employed to create brand awareness, resonate with the target audience, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Students gained an understanding of BigBasket's communication strategy, encompassing how the brand effectively communicates its values, vision, and offerings to the diverse consumer base. Mr. Menon discussed the rationale behind BigBasket's choice of brand elements and ambassadors, providing valuable insights into the thought process behind these crucial branding decisions. Students gained a nuanced understanding of the target market segments BigBasket caters to, including the strategies employed to connect with diverse consumer demographics.

A focal point of the discussion revolved around the future trajectory of BigBasket following its acquisition by TATA, providing students with insights into the brand's evolution and strategic direction. SJIM remains committed to facilitating such enriching dialogues that bridge theory and practice for the holistic development of its students. Prof. Abraham Karimpanal, who teaches marketing at SJIM organized the lecture.