Guest Talk on Social Entrepreneurship

Name of the speaker : Ms. Uma Maheswari
Designation of the speaker : Founder of WeMana Nutrition
Topic of the guest lecture : Guest Talk on Social Entrepreneurship
Date: 16th August, 2023
Time: 2:00 PM
Venue: Loyola Auditorium

On 16th August, a compelling guest talk on social entrepreneurship was hosted for the Entrepreneurship & Innovation course featuring Ms. Uma Maheswari, the esteemed founder of WeMana Nutrition. The event provided an invaluable opportunity for students and faculty members to gain insights into the realm of social entrepreneurship, health, nutrition, and education. Ms. Uma Maheswari, with her remarkable background and dedication, illuminated the audience on the profound connection between these domains and her journey towards establishing WeMana Nutrition.The speaker was introduced by Susmitha KS, a student.
Prof Joy Cheruvathoor, faculty of the Entrepreneurship course, welcomed the guest with a bouquet.

Guest Speaker Profile:
Ms. Uma Maheswari's journey into social entrepreneurship was inspired by her 12 years of work with underprivileged children. However, it was during her Post Graduate program at Azim Premji University that she had an enlightening realization about the intricate connection between Health, Nutrition, and Education. Recognizing the critical need for a comprehensive understanding of this connection, she embarked on her mission to bridge the gap between nutrition and awareness.

Ms. Uma Maheswari's journey was further enriched by her experience of nearly 18 years in the social sector, including three years of close involvement with a nutrition-related company. This invaluable experience equipped her with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the domain of nutrition. With this background, she took the bold step of founding WeMana Nutrition, an endeavour aimed at addressing the urgent need for enhanced nutrition awareness and accessibility.

Dr. Leo Deepak, faculty of the Entrepreneurship course, thanked the speaker on behalf of the SJIM community and presented her with a memento.

The SJIM community expresses gratitude to Ms. Uma Maheswari for sharing her profound insights and experiences, igniting a passion for social entrepreneurship, and encouraging a more conscientious approach to addressing social issues. Her talk exemplified the spirit of transformative leadership that the institution strives to instill in its students.