Desri Naturals given SJIM Social Entrepreneurship award 2023.

Winner for 2023 : Desiri Naturals
Desiri Naturals' vision of achieving a chemical-free food plate is truly inspiring, and the impact it has created is nothing short of phenomenal.

Started in 2017 by a trio of Mahesha M., Naveen Kumar and Yogesh Nanjappa, Desiri Naturals has demonstrated a strong commitment towards creating a positive impact on the environment by taking significant steps towards achieving a zero-carbon footprint. The initiative to convert 500 acres of land to chemical-free cultivation by 2025 is a testament to the company's dedication towards building a sustainable future.

Desiri Naturals has been empowering women and creating employment opportunities in villages. The company's efforts to preserve Indian breed bulls and employ them in oil extraction is a unique approach towards preserving traditional practices while also promoting sustainable employment opportunities. The company's efforts for creating awareness about the importance of natural farming versus chemical farming has the potential to revolutionize the way farming is practiced in India.