Quality & Logistics in Water Business.

Name of the speaker : Mr Nizam Uddin
Designation of the speaker : National Manager of AB InBev
Topic of the guest lecture : Quality & Logistics in Water Business.
Date: 22nd August 2023

The guest lecture was organized by Prof. VJ Lawrence for the Total Quality Management batch of the 2nd year. The speaker was Mr. Nizam Uddin, the National Manager of AB InBev. The lecture started after a brief introduction of the speaker. The talk was centred on Total Quality Management and Supply Chain Management at AB InBev India Ltd. It began with an explanation of the principles of Total Quality Management with real examples, such as tailoring product offerings to Indian tastes, enhancing product development and efficiency, understanding demand variability and seasonal trends, and optimizing production processes. The geographical challenges posed by AB InBev in terms of transportation efficiency, especially across varying terrains and infrastructural disparities, were discussed in detail.

Halfway through the lecture, the topic shifted to the business model of AB InBev, and the discussion continued on to brand distribution and management. To resonate with Indian tastes, the company has introduced localized flavours in its beverages. A comparative analysis of the two products of AB InBev was discussed in detail, including the costs involved in their distribution and the differences in visibility required for water bottles and their beer brands.

One of the most commendable aspects of AB InBev’s streamlined supply chain is its dedication to water conservation. The company has implemented water-efficient processes, such as advanced filtration technologies and wastewater management. The talk ended with a Q&A session that was very interactive and created a different perception of India’s complex supply chain landscape. In conclusion, Mr. Nizam Uddin's insightful lecture shed light on the integral role of Total Quality Management and efficient Supply Chain Management within AB InBev India Ltd. The practical examples showcased how the company has tailored its strategies to align with the diverse Indian market while maintaining a strong focus on product excellence and sustainability.