Embrace Gratitude: Kairos Program Ignites Positivity at SJIM

SAMAGRA, St Joseph’s Holistic Wellness Centre, a pioneering initiative by the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society, recently hosted the transformative Kairos program at St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM), Bengaluru. This engaging event, themed around gratitude, brought a refreshing wave of positivity to the second-year PGDM students.

The program kicked off with an interfaith prayer, setting a serene tone for the day's activities. Students participated in a series of interactive sessions designed to foster appreciation and recognition of the blessings in their lives. They expressed gratitude towards their friends, teachers, and the broader community, enhancing their sense of connectedness and well-being.

Under the guidance of Fr. Brian Pereira, SJ, Director of SAMAGRA, and his dedicated team, the students explored the profound impact of gratitude on personal growth and community building. They discovered the joy of acknowledging the goodness in others and brainstorming ways to extend their blessings to those in need.

The term “Kairos,” derived from Greek, signifies a moment of grace or blessing. For the students at SJIM, the Kairos program embodied this concept, inspiring them to become ambassadors of gratitude and positivity in all their endeavors. It was a memorable and impactful experience, reinforcing the values of St. Joseph’s and the mission of SAMAGRA to promote holistic wellness.

To know more about SAMAGRA go to: http://samagra.net/