International Conference Utkarsh 2022

"Knowledge becomes power when we put it into use" and to disseminate such knowledge, St Joseph Institute of Management virtually held the 2 –day International Conference, Utkarsh 2022 on 18th and 19th February 2022. The objective of the conference was to enlighten the assemblage about "Sustainable Business Models in Turbulent Times". The speakers of 18th February included, Dr. Sanjeev Singh, Medical Director- Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences who spoke about the establishment of healthcare facilities as several individuals went through distress during the recent turbulent time. Mr. Nitin Paranjpe, COO - Unilever enunciated that with new change comes new opportunity and how survival is feasible for those who modify themselves with the change. Mr. Somshubro Choudhury, Partner - Bharat Innovation Fund voiced on the venture capital investment decisions, renewable sources & sustainability in today's business model. Prof. Justin Paul, Director - Researcher of Universidad de Puerta Rico, spoke about the survival of MSMEs. SJIM alumni Mr. Sanjay Mitra, HR Manager-ITC Ltd, enlightened the journey of manufacturing companies sustaining through rough times and the plan of action taken by ITC in the last couple of years. VP-Customer Operations, Vodafone Intelligent Solutions Ms. Surekha Desai spoke about how customer experience is dominant for building & reconstructing business. Mr. Ramananda, VP – Sales & Marketing of Parson Education, gave an oration on the advancement of teaching, guidance from the environment, and tutorial from the pandemic. Mr. Vaitheeswaran, CEO-‘Again Drinks’ spoke about personal and business flexibility during a catastrophe and possessing a high standard of integrity to become a successful entrepreneur. He was valiant enough to share his struggle of becoming an entrepreneur through his book 'Failing to succeed'.

On February 19th, 2022, SJIM hosted a hybrid panel discussion coordinated by TIA Summit as part of the International Conference to continue to enlighten the spirit of Utkarsh 2022, an annual leadership summit. The panelist included, Dr. Heike Markus, Professor for Digital Transformation &Operational Excellence at HOF University, Germany; Dr. Pradip K. Dutta, Former VP & MD of Synopsis South Asia, Mr. Pavan Kumar, Senior VICE President of Altair; Mr. Ranjit Kondeshan, Director HR of Ola Electric Mobility Pvt. Ltd; Mr. Suprotik Das, MD of Nordson India Pvt. Ltd; the Summit's curator, Mr. Jose Jacob Kalayil, Founder & CEO of Integro.

The panel discussion began with each panelist offering an overview of their various fields of expertise, followed by a second round of discussion in which the panelists shared their experiences dealing with the pandemic at their respective companies. The panelists gave the students counsel and guidance on how to create a strong foundation to become future leaders in the final round. The conversation concluded with a Q&A session.