The Intellectual Journey of Lt. Col. K Damodaran from Defence Force to the Academia

As part of the Jesuit Educational tradition, St Joseph's Institute of Management (SJIM) Bengaluru welcomes people of all ages, diverse backgrounds and varied interests. In the just concluded 27th Convocation of SJIM, one of the students who graduated was Lt. Col. K Damodaran. He took leave from service from the armed forces and embarked on an intellectual journey pursuing PGDM/MBA at SJIM.

Highly disciplined, and eruditely intellectual, Lt. Col. K Damodaran made a mark not just in the classroom but also outside. He made the faculty, some of whom were younger, and classmates who were much junior to him think big and be responsible. Calm, serene and hardworking Lieutenant Colonel conducted himself as a student and learner rather than an officer in the class or the Institute.

Lt. Col. K Damodaran was honoured with the silver medal for securing third rank in the PGDM class of 177 students of SJIM as well as a Gold Medal for first rank in the Finance specialization. St Joseph's Institute of Management wishes all the best to Lt. Col. K Damodaran, who is not only a PGDM/MBA business management graduate but also has been elevated to the rank of Colonel and back in the armed forces serving the nation.

Here is the short speech by Lt. Col. K Damodarn at the Convocation 2024, just click it here.