SJIM Celebrates Ignatian Week 2023

St Joseph's Institute of Management celebrated Ignatian Week 2023 from 24th to 27th July, honoring the life and legacy of St Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit Order/the Society of Jesus, with a captivating banner reveal, followed by an energetic flash mob. To truly commemorate the occasion, a vibrant cultural program was organized for the students. During the program, the Director, Rev. Dr Manoj D'Souza SJ, and Rev. Fr.OlvinVeigas SJ, provided enlightening insights into the profound significance of St. Ignatius' life and imparted valuable lessons the students can learn from his inspiring journey.

The celebrations resumed with the students delivering an enlightening play depicting the life of St Ignatius. The choir captivated the audience with a beautiful rendition of songs dedicated to St Ignatius, and the musical band also showcased their talent. To culminate the occasion, prizes were awarded for the drawing, poster making and quiz competitions that had been carried out over the past week.The event was a resounding success as the students wholeheartedly embraced the celebration, actively participating and thoroughly enjoying the various activities. The day concluded with a sense of inspiration, as students carried home with cherished memories and valuable lessons to carry forward.