Finance Conclave

The SJIM Finance Conclave 2022 was held on the 10th of September 2022 in the Loyola Auditorium. The theme of the event was 'Resurgence of the Financial Services Sector in India'. The Guest Speakers in attendance were Dr. Thomas K. Philips, Professor, Tandon School of Engineering, NYU; Ms. Lasitha Raj, AVP, HSBC and Mr. Chandresh Ranjan, VP and Head, Liabilities Products, Jana Small Finance Bank. The speakers discussed the developments in the financial services sector in India and the future potential of the sector in catapulting the Indian economy to the next level. Director Rev. Dr. Manoj D'souza SJ, Dean Dr. A. R. Rajagopalan and the Finance Club Faculty Co-ordinator Prof. Ashwin R. John were also present. Student co-ordinator Mr. Venkatesh proposed the vote of thanks.