• Full Name : Dr Deepika Joshi

  • Highest Education Degree : MBA, PhD(NIT, Jaipur)

  • Department : Operations and Supply Chain Management

  • Designation : Associate Professor

  • Institutional Email Address : deepika@sjim.edu.in

  • Room Number: 109 A

  • Office Phone Number with extension : Extension 202

  • LinkedIn Profile Link : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-deepika-joshi-188a0a46/

  • Courses Taught in SJIM : Service Operations Management, Design Thinking for Business Operations, Supply Chain Management, Total Quality Management, Operations Research

  • Research Interests : Supply chain performance and efficiency; Industry 4.0 and AI based operations; Information sharing and operations; Inventory effectiveness; Sustainable operations; Policy performance; Manufacturing and Service Operations

Level (PhD, Master's, Bachelor's) Name of Degree Year of Completion Name of Degree Awarding Institute or University Specialization Details of any award related to the degree
Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy 2012 Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur Rajasthan Operations Awarded with MHRD scholarship
Master's Master of Business Administration 2005 University of Rajasthan Jaipur Finance & Marketing
Bachelor's Bachelor of Science 2002 Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer Physics, Chemistry, Life Science, and Computers
Journal Publications
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Article Journal Name Volume and Issue Number
1 Deepika Joshi 2022 Impediments to the performance of education policy in India: modelling using ISM and MICMAC technique Int. J. of Public Sector Performance Management (ABDC - C-level, SCOPUS) Forthcoming
2 Deepika Joshi 2022 Endeavour towards sustainability: an empirical study of an Indian electronics retail industry World Review of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development (ABDC - C-level, SCOPUS) 18 (2)
3 Deepika Joshi and Dipti Sharma 2022 Are public sector banks ready to rollout AI driven projects? The Indian Economic Journal (ABDC B-level) 3 (Sp. Issue)
4 Deepika Joshi, Sarita Shikha Singh, Kumar and Rashid 2021 Embracing Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Sector with Skill Development Challenges in India Int. J. of Agriculture and Statistical Science (SCOPUS) 17 (1)
5 Deepika Joshi 2015 Leveraging Information for Building Supply Chain Competitiveness Int. J. of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering 2 (6)
6 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore, Dipti Sharma and Bimal Nepal 2013 On supply chain competitiveness of Indian auto-component industry Int. J. of Production Economics (ABDC - A*-level, SCOPUS, WoS) 143 (1)
7 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore, Dipti Sharma and Bimal Nepal 2011 Determinants of competitiveness and their relative importance: A study of Indian auto-component industry Int. J. of Services and Operations Management (ABDC - B-level, SCOPUS) 10 (4)
8 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Dipti Sharma 2011 Determinants of competitiveness: A study of Indian auto-component industry J. of Competitiveness 2 (1)
9 Deepika Joshi and Dipti Sharma 2010 Expanded Indian automobile sector: A trade-off between growth and environmental concern The Indian Economic Journal (ABDC B-level) 1 (Sp. Issue)
Books or Book Chapters
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Publication Title of Book (if it is book chapter, then include the title of the book and its editors) Publisher Name Place of Publication
1 Deepika Joshi 2016 "Influence of Information Sharing in Building Supply Chain Competitiveness of Indian Auto-Component Industry. In: S.K. Majumdar, L. Mishra, A. Saxena . Growth, Globalisation and Governance: Promises and Challenges 2025 and Beyond" Emerald India
2 Deepika Joshi 2014 Analyzing competitive priorities for machine tool manufacturing industry: ANP based approach. In: B.V. Babu, A. Nagar, K. Deep, M. Pant, J.C. Bansal, K. Ray, and U. Gupta. Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing Book Series Springer (SCOPUS) India
3 Deepika Joshi 2014 "Enhancing supply chain eficiency through information sharing in Indian auto-component industry. In: K. Jain, L. Ganapathy, R. Gokhale, R. Mukundan. Manufacturing Excellence: Imperative for Emerging Economies." Excel (SCOPUS) India
4 Deepika Joshi and Dipti Sharma 2012 "Expanded Indian automobile sector: A tradeoff between growth and environmental concern. In: A. Thakur, M. Kumar. Climate Change and Environment Management" Regal India
5 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Dipti Sharma 2011 "Classification of performance measures and metrics for competitiveness: A comprehensive literature review. In: R.P. Mohanty, S.G. Deshmukh. Handbook on Supply Chain Management" Excel India
Papers Presented at Conferences
Sl. No. Name of Authors Year of Conference Title of Paper Presented Conference Name Conference Location
1 Deepika Joshi and Nirmala Joseph 2021 Garbage Collectors Well-being: A Way Towards Sustainable Communities TEQIP sponsored National Conference on Sustainable Development Goals NIT Uttarakhand
2 Deepika Joshi 2020 "Meeting the challenges of SDG 4: Study on service quality gaps in the education institutions of Bengaluru India" "TEQIP sponsored National Conference on Sustainable Development Goals" NIT Jaipur
3 Deepika Joshi and Shikha Singh 2020 Preparing for Industry 4.0: A Study on Indian Higher Education System 5th International Conference on Business Transformation in Global Digital Era: Re-innovate, Re-strategize, Re-model (INCONSYM 2020) SIU Noida
4 Deepika Joshi 2019 "Inter-cultural Encounters in Education: A Case Study of St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, India" IACCM-IESEG 2019 Congress IESEG School of Management Paris
5 Deepika Joshi and Angelina Rabello 2019 Farmer’s perception on Agriculture Insurance Scheme: A Study of Dharwad Region "39th Rajasthan Economic Association Conference" Manipal University Rajasthan
6 Deepika Joshi 2019 "Factors influencing Reverse Supply Chain of Indian Electronic Retail Industry: A Step towards Sustainability" International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD-2019) Manipal University Rajasthan
7 Deepika Joshi 2018 "Building Sustainability through Reverse Supply Chain Management: Study on Indian auto-component Industry" "Industry. Sustainability and Business Conference (SUSBUS-2018)" IIM Calcutta
8 Deepika Joshi and Raghavendra Gonsalves 2017 "A Study of Consumer Behaviour in the Digital Era of Youths in Bangalore" "International Conference on Business India-innovative Practices for Growth and Sustainability" RVIM Bangalore
9 Deepika Joshi 2017 "Factors Affecting the Inventory Effectiveness: Study of Automobile Dealers" "XX Annual International Conference of Society of Operations Management" IIIT, Gwalior
10 Deepika Joshi, Divya Singh and Ankur Jaiswal 2016 India's Competitiveness with ungovernable factors: Diversity International Conference on Global Trends in Business and Sustainability Research (ICGTBSR-16) IIT Roorkee
11 Deepika Joshi 2015 "Leveraging Information for building supply chain competitiveness" 17th International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management (ICIEOM-2015) Vienna, Austria
12 Deepika Joshi, Divya Singh and Ankur Jaiswal 2015 "Strategizing for innovation sustainability: Model development for emerging economies" Fourth Biennial Conference on Managing in Indian Institutional Context. "IIM Lucknow"
13 Deepika Joshi 2015 Model for sustainable innovation in emerging economies IMRA-IIMB International Conference IIM Bangalore
14 Deepika Joshi 2014 Impact of information sharing on supply chain management: A study of Indian auto-component manufacturers. Sixth International Conference on Excellence in Research and Education (CERE -2014) IIM Indore
15 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Bimal Nepal 2011 "Competitiveness indicators for Indian auto-component industry: Discussing strategies for practical implication" Annual Meeting of The Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS-2011) Charlotte, USA
16 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Dipti Sharma 2011 Determinants of competitiveness: Case study on lighting system manufacturer The XV Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations Management (SOM-2011) IIM Calcutta
17 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Dipti Sharma 2011 "Assessment of supply-chain performance indicators for auto-component industry: A case study" "The International Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing: Issues, Trends and Practices (ICSM-2011)" BITS Pilani
18 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Dipti Sharma 2010 "Globalisation and trade competitiveness of Indian auto-component industry: Challenges and opportunities" "International Conference on Globalisation and Economic Asymmetries in International Trade and Development: Challenges and Opportunities" IIM Lucknow
19 Deepika Joshi, APS Rathore and Bimal Nepal 2010 "Success factors for value creation and sustainable growth of Indian auto-component industry" International Conference on Marketing and Business Strategy (INCOMBS-2010) IBS Hyderabad
20 Dipti Sharma Deepika Joshi and APS Rathore 2010 "Economic ideology of Gandhi: Relevance in the current economic scenario" "The 30th Annual Conference of Rajasthan Economic Association" UoK, Rajasthan
21 Sharma Dipti, Oum Kumari R. and Deepika Joshi 2009 "Electrical energy from renewable sources: Options, policies and perspectives in India and Rajasthan" "National Conference on Technological Innovation for Sustainable Development" Govt. Engineering College Bikaner
22 Sharma Dipti and Deepika Joshi 2009 Business-to-business marketing in virtual organisations: Strategic plan "National Conference on Global Economic Upheavals & Strategic Management Initiatives" Apex Institute of Management Jaipur
Work Experience (academic and industry)
Title or Position Name of Organization Duration (in years) Details of experience
Associate Professor (Operations) St. Joseph's Institute of Management, Bengaluru Present
Assistant Professor and Assistant Research Director St. Joseph’s College of Commerce (Autonomous), Bengaluru 5 Years
Research and Faculty Associate Gautam Buddha University, Gr. Noida 5 Years
Research Assistant Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Rajasthan 4 Years
Lecturer KITE School of Management, Jaipur 2 Years
Project Executive HelpAge India, Jaipur 1 Year
Consulting / Projects / Management Development
Organization it was undertaken for Year Details
"Dr. N. G. P Arts and Science College Coimbatore" 2022 Session on case study analysis and students engagement
St. Joseph's College of Commerce 2022 Session on questionnaire design and constructuve sampling (ICSSR/RC/WS/10/2021-22)
Manipal University Jaipur 2021 PhD Thesis Examiner
UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, Ranchi University 2021 Session on Industry 4.0 - implication on manufacturing industry (Refresher Course)
Vivekananda Global University Rajasthan 2021 onwards Ph.D Co-guide
"Shri Kumarswami Mahavidyalaya,Mumbai" 2021 Session on demystifying Industry 4.0
St. Joseph's College of Commerce 2021 Session on Challenges, remedies and trade-offs when writing case studies (AICTE/ATAL/1614733042)
St. Joseph's College of Commerce 2018 - 2022 Coordinator - SPARC Projects
MPP Publishers 2018 onwards Editor / Editor-in-Chief
Reviewer 2014 onwards Inderscience, Springer and Emerald Journals
JK Lakshmipat University Jaipur 2012 Organised a tutorial session in SocProS
Awards and Research Grants
Name of Award or Grant Awarding Organization Year awarded Details (max 100 words)
Course Director All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) 2021 FDP/Workshop for commerce and management professionals on case study writing (INR 90,000)
Course Director Durham University Business School, UK 2020 MDP on qualitative research methods (£ 6,545)
Project Investigator Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) 2019 Assessed Garbage Collectors’ Well-being for Sustainable Communities (INR 2,50,000)
Track Organizer IESEG France 2019 Organized track on disruptive education for inter-cultural competence (Travel Grant)
Young Women Educator & Scholar Award National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development 2019 YWESA/NFED/6WDA-2019/AEL/009
Course Director University Grants Commission 2018 Training women researchers on research methodology (INR 1,25,000)