Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy's co-authored book titled, "Advertising, Brands and Consumer Behaviour" has been published by SAGE.

'Advertising, Brands and Consumer Behaviour' is a reference book co-authored by Dr. Anup Krishnamurthy (SJIM) and Dr. S. Ramesh Kumar (Professor of Marketing at IIM Bangalore). The book is positioned as a reference book for textbooks in the areas of consumer behavior, advertising, brand management, and core marketing; it also stands to serve marketing professionals in these same areas as a quick reference to how Indian brands used a particular consumer behavior concept.

The authors undertook this effort because they felt that the Indian context was missing a good reference book that uses a consumer behavior lens to understand brands in the Indian market. Accordingly, the book covers 79 well-known Indian brands using a smooth blend of historical analysis and contemporary research in the area. All the chapters even have a discussion section in which through-provoking questions are raised to further class discussions or to intrigue the mind of the working professional.