"Creating Brand as a Service" at SJIM by Marco Casanova

08 January 2024
In collaboration with SKIP (Skills for Progress), SJIM was privileged to host an insightful lecture by Prof. Marco Casanova of the School of Business, the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. This thought-provoking session explored new dimensions in business strategy, shedding light on how companies can leverage branding as a service to enhance their market presence and customer relationships.

Prof. Casanova is a consultant to brands like Bayer, ABB, Allianz, Bosch, Henkel, and Mercedes and Professor at the NW University. His best-selling books: Pop-Up-Brands: Business Excellence in Brand Management in the Industry 4.0 Era; Branding It 3.0: Business Performance through Excellence in Brand Management. He is an internationally renowned expert in Strategic-, Digital- and Employer Branding and the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the International Brand and Reputation Community INBREC.

The two-hour long lecture cum discussion took on various aspects of branding. Prof. Marco Casanova delved into the evolving landscape emphasizing a paradigm shift from traditional models. The lecture outlined how companies are moving beyond conventional approaches to view branding as a dynamic and service-oriented process.

The concept of "Brand as a Service" places paramount importance on a customer-centric approach. Prof. Casanova discussed strategies for building brands that not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering long-term loyalty and positive associations. In a rapidly changing business environment, adaptability is key. Prof. Casanova highlighted the importance of flexible branding strategies that can evolve with market trends and consumer preferences, ensuring continued relevance and resonance.

The lecture explored the role of technology in transforming the brand- customer relationship. Sustainability emerged as a central theme, with Prof. Marco Casanova advocating for brands to align with social and environmental values. The lecture discussed how companies can integrate sustainability into their brand identity, contributing to positive social impact. He also brought home his experiences giving a number of examples from Switzerland. The faculty, students and other associates including SJIM alumni participated. Fr Olvin Veigas, SJ, Prof. Abraham Karimpanal and Prof. Rajendra Desai organized this lecture.