Sjim Blood Donation Camp 2023

SJIM in partnership with Narayana Health Care conducted a successful blood donation camp on 31st of January 2023. The camp was aimed at promoting the importance of blood donation and creating awareness among the students and staff of SJIM about the noble cause.

With the help of 94 enthusiastic donors and 15 volunteer students, the camp was able to achieve its objective of collecting a large number of blood units. The donors comprised of students, faculty members, and staff of SJIM, who came forward to make a difference in someone's life by donating their blood.

The volunteer students were actively involved in conducting the camp, assisting the donors, and making sure that the camp was running smoothly. Their enthusiasm and hard work made the camp a success.

The Narayana Health Care team provided all the necessary medical facilities, equipment, and support to ensure that the blood donation process was safe and comfortable for the donors. The team of doctors and nurses were available to provide medical assistance and guidance to the donors throughout the camp.

The camp received an overwhelming response from the donors, who were proud to have contributed to this noble cause. The collected blood units will be used to save the lives of people in need, and the camp has definitely made a positive impact in the community.