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The Benefits of an MBA with an Analytics Specialization
In today's times of huge data, business is largely operated by numbers. That makes analytics an integral part of the functioning of an organization. Analytics is basically the methodical computational examination of statistics or data. For those who desire to move a step forward in their careers, a complete understanding of analytics can prove beneficial in their workplace. Read More

Perks of Enrolling In A PGDM Course
Everyone wants to do a master's course with concern with education and not just happy with one degree. And when it comes to master's course, majority of the people wants to do an MBA. But doing MBA involves a lot of factors. For instance, one needs to consider finances to afford to do an MBA if he has enough money. Instead, one can consider doing a Post-graduate diploma in management. Read More

Things You Need to Know About PGDM Course
The executive PGDM course is similar to the PGDM course, except that it is designed exclusively for working professionals. For people who want to improve their career aspect, working as managers, executives, and supervisors, the executive PGDM course is ideal. This course will help them build their career, fetching them promotions and senior responsibilities. Read More

Importance of Doing Digital Marketing from a Top College
These days, you can get everything online. And in order to promote the brands and the products, digital marketing plays a huge role in the business platform. With the advent of smartphones and social media, digital marketers come with different ways to market a product and make the campaign reach a lot of people. Read More

Business Management Gives a New Start in Career
In this technology-driven era, we are all aware of the extreme competition in the career domain. An IT company is the one that develops web-based solutions, and its sales ensure a percentage of profit in their company. Similarly, the pharmaceutical industry drives its profit through its business of medicines. Although the sales drive the profit, the mode of profit is different. Read More

A Good Career Begins with Strong Foundation
A good career starts with a good education. The foundation of any career depends on the strong initial foundation and this foundation is made with strong quality school education. Having the basic concepts imprinted on the mind, an individual heads towards college and university education. This is the time when students get to know about the outside world. Read More

A Comprehensive Approach to PGDM Course
The top-notch industries are in dire need of expert people in the field of business analytics. The analysis of the business is an essential factor for driving profit in a business. The detailed business analytics helps in proper planning of the business. This gives a proper insight into the future business and helps in developing proper business strategies. Read More

Prospects of doing MBA after Engineering
One question that every qualified engineer does come across is, “Why to do an MBA”? “What makes MBA a lucrative option for Indian engineers” and so on. Most engineering aspirants fancy their chances of stepping into the field of management and business. Are you considering doing an MBA? Don’t know how it can help enhance your career opportunities? Well, read on to know the worth of an MBA degree. Read More

Things that one should know about the PGDM International Business Course
The B-Schools of today have brought in new courses and specializations in their PGDM course. The demand for the industry has compelled many leading B-Schools to introduce new and innovative courses for the students. PGDM International Business is the latest inclusion in this list. The international business course gives the students an insight into the different business management practices Read More

Five reasons you must consider hiring an MBA admissions consultant
Are you thinking of hiring an admission consultant who can help you enrol in a top b-school? Many MBA applicants use a consultant to help them with their application for MBA and other reasons. We list below five reasons why you must consider hiring an MBA admission consultant. Lack of time- Some applicants have long been working and travelling hours, and as such, they are pressed for time. The applicants Read More

Top Four MBA Entrance Exams in India
An MBA entrance exam is an excellent opportunity to look for entry into the management domain. In addition, every MBA candidate who wishes to study in the top b-school has to undergo tests of his intelligence and knowledge. There are b-schools in almost every Indian state, and each has its own perceived benefits. However, what bothers the MBA applicant Read More

Job Opportunities You Get by Studying PGDM Course
A right PGDM course imparts the requisite management and leadership skills you need to be effective in managing public and private sector business operations. After doing PGDM, you may even be an entrepreneur, teacher, or researcher. Although management can mean differently to different people, it has a definite connotation in the academic field. Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for an Executive MBA
Executive MBA is a postgraduate management programme especially meant for working professionals who desire to enhance their skills in management in their work to be able to adapt to the fast-changing business environment and stay updated in the job market. Executive MBA is of shorter duration (15 to 18 months) as it is designed mainly for working professionals equipped with good experience. Executive MBA has gained huge popularity throughout the world in the last few years. Working professionals prefer to opt for an executive MBA to gain a competitive edge and to make their professional profile brighter. Read More

3 Major Differences between MBA and PGDM
After graduation, every student has to go through a period when they cannot figure out what to pursue. Especially students who have done graduation in commerce or management struggle to opt between MBA and PGDM. There are some students too who think that there is hardly any difference between the two. Read More

7 Important Things to Consider Before Choosing A College for An MBA Degree
One of the most challenging decisions that students have to make after graduation is to choose the right institute for further studies. If the student is planning to pursue an MBA after graduation, then in that case, this process becomes more chaotic. Every year, there comes a new B-school offering MBA program to students, but students cannot decide the one for the degree so easily. Read More

Opting for an MBA or PGDM Program in Bangalore
An MBA or PGDM is the most popular post-graduate degree program. It is a globally recognized 2-year course. This course helps the candidates to develop various important professional skills like leadership, communication, and teamwork along with personal skills like time management, hard work, confidence, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving with the help of many skill-based activities Read More

Things you should know about the MBA Global Course
Every management student's dream is to get well-versed with the principles of international management and wants to know and imbibe the international management practices that are followed all over the world. One of the best business experiences that a student of management can have is to get international exposure. This helps the students to comprehend the international Read More

Reasons why SJIM is one of the top Management Schools in India
Established in 1968, St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM) is the first B-School in Karnataka, which is managed by an international Jesuit Organisation. It provides Executive PGDM and PGCM programme. It has been able to provide excellent placements in top companies for the last 2 decades. Read More

Six important things to keep in mind before choosing a B-School for PGDM Course
Choosing a business school for a PGDM degree can be one of the biggest decisions in the life of any student. The business schools offer the students an experience of a lifetime and take them to high levels in personal and professional life. Read More

Why choose an MBA in Marketing
MBA in marketing is one of the most popular graduate degrees. Class in marketing includes topics such as advertising, branding, market research, online global marketing, etc. Read More

Things To Do Before You Decide To Join An MBA Course
A simple graduate-level education is not enough in the current era. You need intense specialization, competitiveness, and job excellence, to stand out in your corporate world career. Students seeking to make a professional corporate career or with an entrepreneurial goal would Read More

Advantages of Studying Business Administration
There is a vast choice of career fields to choose from in today's society. With so many job options, it can be challenging to find the right postgraduate education program to enrol. Still, if it's a business you want to go into, it's a good idea to enrol in a program that provides you with the required experience, skills, and ethics to fit right into the business environment. Read More