Perks of Doing A PGDM Course
Students today face a great deal of uncertainty and frustration about selecting the best post- graduation programme for themselves. For the past few years, the value of a simple graduation degree has been steadily on the decline. So, a substantial post-graduation is required to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Therefore, only after fully knowing Read More

Five reasons you must consider hiring an MBA admissions consultant
Are you thinking of hiring an admission consultant who can help you enrol in a top b-school? Many MBA applicants use a consultant to help them with their application for MBA and other reasons. We list below five reasons why you must consider hiring an MBA admission consultant. Lack of time- Some applicants have long been working and travelling hours, and as such, they are pressed for time. The applicants Read More

Top Four MBA Entrance Exams in India
An MBA entrance exam is an excellent opportunity to look for entry into the management domain. In addition, every MBA candidate who wishes to study in the top b-school has to undergo tests of his intelligence and knowledge. There are b-schools in almost every Indian state, and each has its own perceived benefits. However, what bothers the MBA applicant Read More

Job Opportunities You Get by Studying PGDM Course
A right PGDM course imparts the requisite management and leadership skills you need to be effective in managing public and private sector business operations. After doing PGDM, you may even be an entrepreneur, teacher, or researcher. Although management can mean differently to different people, it has a definite connotation in the academic field. Read More