St.Joseph's Institute Of Management


Verve – A vibrant blend of zest and diligence

Exhume your joie de verve to produce the flair that makes you one of a kind. Verve, a brainchild of St. Joseph’s Institute of Management invites you to participate in eight exclusive domains comprising of Best Manager, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, Stocks and Quiz. The rounds created for these events determine an aptitude which will contribute future managerial success.

Verve 2016 tapped into the primal core of a proud Indian that birthed a theme based on ‘Make in India’ named ‘India NXT’.


“Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” The very blood that runs through the veins of a company is what keeps it alive. And in this world, that refers to the field of finance. Gather your team and prove the name assigned to this event, “DravyaGuna”, which means, financial skills and knowledge. Verve IndiaNXT 2016, has an unrivaled plan to ready you to be the makers of a new India which will entail rounds in the turf of portfolio management, financial modelling and mergers and acquisitions which will test your creativity in bringing out solutions that target real time situations. Enhance the ingenuity in you and rewrite your financial story.

Best Manager

“The best thing you could do is MASTER the chaos in you.” Step into the future with India, known as the smart era. This event is one that will give you a 360-degree report of your knowledge, instincts and spontaneity. “Mahatva” signifies greatness, which is a pre-requisite for a Best Manager. Participate and attest to your vivacity and insatiable appetite for challenges. Wrestle your fears away and build your bruises because a bruise is a lesson and each lesson makes us better.

Human Resources

“It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.” This year, Human Resources brings with it, an amalgamation of select events that will challenge your existence not only in the field, but in actuality as well. India is in need of change that will alter conventions. Hence the name, “Anuttamum”, which means, the Finest! It is all about the power to endure because no one is destined to fail. Participants, brace yourselves - winter is coming.


“Outstanding people have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission.” Global investors keep an eye on the pride of India. Make in India urges us to market the stories that make our country boundless. Play a part at “Kriyashakthi” and demonstrate the power of creative thinking. Examine your temperament in the skill to network stress constructively. Practice to transfer the enthusiasm grown in marketing and deliver to happy clients.


“Your mind is a cupboard and you ‘stock’ the shelves.” Packed with a multitude of rounds to test your Wall Street knowledge, it is time to use your derivatives as mass weapons of destruction. “Dhanpat”, which will put you in unusual situations that will appraise your talents. Make in India ventures into raising the stakes in various sectors. Therefore, invest in yourself and yield in the arena of Verve IndiaNXT.


“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Stay true to your vision and partake in “Avishkar” which relates to innovation, that you will bring to life. The very essence of Make in India involves an achievement connected to action. Therefore, unleash the power of your mind and live amidst your passion, at Verve IndiaNXT. This set of rounds will show you the reality of being an entrepreneur.


Your mind must arrive at the destination before you do.” Capitalize on the operational excellence so solve the bottlenecks and structural impediments. Bring forth your technique that will set you apart. Automate conventions in order to highlight your vision in this area of expertise. India has been booming with rapid creation. “Niranthar”, which depicts continuous operations, gives you a chance to draw your own execution and to be part of Verve IndiaNXT.


“Ironically, the human mind tends to forget the things it should remember and remembers the things it should forget.” Verve IndiaNXT presents a test for the astute brainpower you possess. Tickle your brain and be a part of “Abhigyan” which means the source of knowledge. Discover India in its unparalleled intelligence and contribute to its awareness. Stretch your mind to new dimensions and validate the loudest mind.