St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Discussion on the Union Budget 2018-19

A discussion on the Union budget 2018-19 was conducted on February 05th 2018 (Monday) by the Finance Club members. The discussion was initiated by the Finance Club Coordinator Vimal Clayton in the presence of Industrialists, faculty members and the management students at SJIM.

Following which, the discussion was open for the students to interact, interpret and provide their analysis on the various aspects of the budget along with the faculty Prof Suresh Herur and Mr. Naveen Fernandes.
A comparison between the current and the previous budget was done. The various aspects included reaction of stock markets, the impact on salary, Liberalization of Agro exports, National Health Protection Scheme, Aid to farmers etc.
The discussion ended on a good note with most of them learning a lot about the new budget. The Finance club, thus, succeeded in organizing an informative discussion platform.