St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

St. Joseph’s Institute of Management Alumni Association (SJIMAA)

The St. Joseph’s Institute of Management Alumni Association (SJIMAA) was inaugurated on 08/02/2020 during the Annual Alumni Reunion program at St. Joseph’s Institute of Management (SJIM). Rev. Dr. Manoj D’Souza (Director, SJIM) delivered the welcome address. He also presented the report of various activities conducted by SJIM in the last year along with achievements and milestones reached.

Mr. Sanjay Mitra (President, SJIMAA) addressed the alumni and presented the SJIMAA Management Committees vision of the Alumni Association. He also presented a roadmap to the future of SJIMAA. Mr. Rohan Pais (Vice President), Mr. Karthik Ponnappa (Secretary), Rev. Dr. Manoj D’Souza, SJ (Treasurer), and Mangement Committee Members Dr. Avil Saldanha, Ms. Amali Sebastian, Mr. Roger Joseph Lurshay, Mr. Deepak G Hegde, Mr. Mario Allen Clement, and Mr. Chandresh Ranjan were present.

The alumni of the first, second and subsequent batches were present for the “The SJIM Alumni Reunion 2020”. The reunion concluded with networking dinner.