St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

SJIM - Rural Outreach Program, Manvi, Raichur

Jagir Punnur village, Manvi, Raichur.

In view of implementing and for promoting the vision of SJIM of “nurturing responsible business leaders having concern for society and environment” the Rural Outreach Program was conducted for the first year PGDM students, year 2018 – 19. Students’ participation in this program has been very encouraging. The Outreach Program has helped majority of us to understand the challenges and the problems faced by the disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society and inculcated a sense of social responsibility in us to make meaningful interventions aimed at building a just and equitable society.

The Post Graduate students were sent to Manvi, Raichur (district in Karnataka) for the Rural Exposure camp. We were sent to villages to interact with common people. These visits have helped us to become aware of various forms of discrimination suffered by people living in the village.

It was a 4 day program; the students were put in pairs and were allotted one family one house each.
Our group stayed in a village called Jagir Pannur. People out here are very warm and welcoming.
The families welcomed us with great love and treated us like their family member. We helped them in household work, helped the kids in their home work. The students showed interest in studies as well as in other activities.
On the last day, we planned different activities like Musical chair and other games for the children as well as for all the elders.
And in the end, they prepared and showed us their village dance which added to the beauty of the concluding day.

This place was truly a blessing if we hadn't visited this place. We would have really missed something great in life. We learnt a lot of things from them. After seeing and hearing about the plight of the people living in the village, it was so touching that all this has made us get closer to God and thank him every day for whatever he has blessed us with.

Many students have expressed their desire to visit these places voluntarily and provide much needed emotional comfort.