St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Game On: Joseph’s Premier League Inauguration

The much anticipated Joseph’s Premier League (JPL) for the year 2018 was formally inaugurated on 10th July, 2018 at Loyola auditorium. The league which is built upon the moto that a “healthy body leads to a healthy mind” is designed to encourage a sporting culture while inculcating management values. The league has seen itself grow in enthusiasm and participation since its inception in the year 2010.

The inaugural event saw the five teams being unveiled in a grand manner through audiovisuals, shadow-sport, player introductions and innovative props. The five teams for the year include team ‘War Mafias’ who represent the strength of a pack, team ‘Spartians’ who stand for hard work, dedication and peace, team ‘Old Monk United’ who are disciples that lead by example, team ‘Phoenix’ who symbolize steadfastness and loyalty and team ‘Griffins’ who claim to be a combination of talent and goal.

The month long event will see teams compete across six disciplines namely badminton, table tennis, football, cricket, throw ball and chess, the latter being a new addition this year. Each team consists of members representing both years of the PGDM program, and are led by two managers, one from each year. The players were selected on an auction basis by the respective team managers.

The event was presided over by the dean professor Edwin Castelino who shed light on how sporting values can be imbibed into management, Dr. Venkateshraj who is the faculty coordinator for the event, Mr. Sanjay who is the student coordinator for the event along with other distinguished faculty. The inauguration concluded with the first fixture for the day ‘Phoenix’ versus ‘Old Monks’ in basketball being announced.