St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

Jimmy Anklesaria (CEO, Anklesaria Group) speaks to SJIM students

On 18th December 2019, Mr. Jimmy Anklesaria, Founder and CEO of the Anklesaria Group, visited our campus and spoke to all the first year students. Mr. Anklesaria is a proud product of the St. Joseph's institutions in Bangalore. As a chartered accountant with a law degree and an MBA, and having published two highly acclaimed books on cost management, he is one of the world's most sought-after speakers on cost management. The Anklesaria Group specializes in consulting on cost management solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Anklesaria is very active in philanthropy and education. Apart from being instrumental in setting up endowed chairs at universities, he has taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in Strategic Cost Management, Finance and Investments at the University of San Diego, where he was named Outstanding Professor of the Year. He has also lectured in Strategic Cost Management at the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, Michigan State University, and University of Southern California.

Recently, when some of the students from SJIM visited Seattle University as part of the 2019 USA Immersion Program,Mr. Anklesaria flew all the way from California to Seattle just so that he could speak to our students. They had a very engaging session followed by an enthusiastic interaction thereafter – just another example of Mr. Anklesaria’s drive and passion when it involves the St. Joseph’s institutions.

Mr. Anklesaria’s talk at SJIM was related to the ideas that he has developed over the years – the AIM & DRIVE process. He has been known to have the unique ability to provide practical solutions to complex business problems and has thus also been a mentor to several managers in the profession. The students at SJIM had a first-hand experience at this ability – he explicated on his ideas through many examples from his own career, mixed with a healthy dose of humour. His talk was very engaging, interactive, and thoroughly liked by the students.