St.Joseph's Institute Of Management

“Finance for All”

Headed by the CEO & Founder of Germinate Wealth Solutions LLP, Mr. Santosh Joseph gave the attendees a heartwarming welcome to the world of finance. An alumni of IIM Bangalore with 17 years of industry experience, He had a lot of stories to journey the audience through, his perils as a science student was very much acknowledged by the students.
To start off with, the Speaker explained the subtle differences between Finance and Accounts, and enforced on the “need to understand the subject”, for all the budding financiers in the crowd. From Knowing Your Customer to the Lifeblood of Finance, as the students travelled on this road very much taken, they learned about the origin of economics, patterns, budgeting and categorizing, and the need to see Finance from a macro- point of view.
He broke down Finance to its very essence, and how the students need to learn to how to make the subject work for them in all aspects of the professional and personal lives.
Mr. Joseph ended the session with a quick round of questions from an enthusiastic crowd, decrypting the inner financial workings of various successful organizations across various industries.
Finance is and will always be a pole bearer for the vision and mission statement of any company and its entrepreneurs.